Verizon Invites Customers To Share Data and Opt-In...To Something Or Other

If mobile carriers are going to leverage mobile usage data for targeted offers, then they should be more explicit about the real exchange of value and start treating consumers the way they do marketers. ...More

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  • A New Study of Video Viewing by Tablet, Smartphone Users, the video search site that aggregates material from YouTube, Vimeo, Blip, the broadcast networks and something like 20,000 other places, has just finished research that shows what you might have expected anyway: Owners of tablets are great viewers of videos available from dedicated apps. According to Mefeedia data, an iPad user will view 7.1 videos per session via an app (and 5.69 for Android table owners). Neither figure is probably hard to believe when you think about your own personal use of the tablet. ...More

  • Multitasked Media Consumption May Mean Filling In The Pieces

    A news story on a TV screen sits high in a gym workout room. With no audio, an on-screen message at the bottom of the screen appears to complement what a CNN anchor is saying: "Hundreds Killed In Chicago. At least five people working out stop immediately. They watch without blinking. A video finally appears, and it's reporting on long-term, increased violence in the Windy City. One viewer then says something everyone watching wants to hear: "Not all at the same time! Whew!" ...More