Friday, December 7, 2012
  • Macy's Goes For Nonstop Shopping

    Macy's elves are gonna be chugging lattes again. The retailer says it will extend its last "One Day" sale before Christmas for 48 hours, with stores around the country opening at 7 am on Dec. 21, and promotional prices running through 7 am on Sunday, Dec. 23. Stores will remain open until midnight. Although Macy's has been burning the midnight Xmas oil since 2006 in select locations, this marks the first time it's done so nationally. "We hope to make it easy for our customers across the country to finish their shopping at any time of day or night, and ... ...Read the whole story

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  • Smartphones 'Primary' Screen Among Teens M&M Global

    Nineteen percent of teenagers in the UK would answer a mobile ad message based on "trust in the sender" and "appeal of the offer", according to theOrange Exposure 2012/2013 report. The research showed that in the UK, 83% of 11-18 year olds now own a smartphone and this is even higher in Spain, at 95%. Ninety-two percent of UK teens stated that mobile is "a way to always have a media device at hand" and 55% prefer their mobile to any other device because "I can access what I want, when I want". ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Extends Mobile Reach San Francisco Chronicle

    Facebook on Tuesday released a new version of its mobile platform. A new Android version of the Messenger app doesn't require a user to sign up for a Facebook account. That's a change in tactic for a company whose hydra-like growth model is based on extending tendrils into to just about every site with a social vector. For now, the app is available only to owners of Android phones in limited countries but will roll out to others. Extending the analogy, Hydrae (the real ones) are biologically immortal. The one from Greek mythology? When you cut off a head, three ... ...Read the whole story

  • Tablet Sales To Double San Francisco Chronicle
  • Service Improves As Banks Take To Twitter Red Rocket Media
  • Franken Declares War On Location Tracking The Verge
  • Times, Sunday Times Bow Google Nexus Offer The Drum
Samsung Vs. Apple: Losing My Religion

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  • Mobile Restaurant & Retail Advertising

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  • Apple Polishes Image With 'Made In US Of A' Plans

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