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Tablets Could - And Should - Be Driving Even More Of The 'M-Commerce' Charge

Given the obvious power of the tablet device and use case in e-commerce, it is amazing that both retailers and the Tablet OSes have not done more to optimize t-shopping. ...More

  • Programmers' Second-Screen Love Affair Threatens TV Ad Effectiveness

    There has always been an unnamed conflict of interest within the historic television business model, because a program's ratings stand in as a surrogate for commercial ratings -- which are never actually known. So as traditional TV networks spend money and use technology to "drive viewers" to programs, the old model says that is good for advertisers. In fact, it is mostly good for TV programmers and distributors because they can charge more (more impressions = more revenue against a negotiated CPM). ...More

  • Aereo Forges Ahead Despite Legal Battles, Practical Hurdles

    Barry Diller's cord-cutting service Aereo is fighting for its life in court. But not even the threat that the Second Circuit Court of Appeals will shutter the service has stopped the company from raising an additional $38 million in order to expand into 22 new cities. Of course, investors have funded riskier companies than Aereo before. But in this case, it's not clear whether Aereo can ever be profitable even if it survives the legal challenge it's facing. ...More