Friday, September 28, 2001
  • Maximizing Pay Per Click Search Engine Bidding

    Pay per click search engine advertising is growing in popularity, but advertisers aren't doing it right. They can't manage their bids, so they end up paying too much for them. ...Read the whole story

  • E-caps Expand

    There seems no end to using taxis as an advertising vehicle. E-caps, the taxi hubcap ads from E-Caps North America, have expanded to Toronto with Yahoo! Canada as the first advertiser. Its e-cap ads debuted this week. ...Read the whole story

  • Out To Launch

    Every week new ad campaigns and websites are launched, and it's hard to keep up with them all. If you missed a few, here are the highlights from this week: from luxury cars to extreme home-keeping, let's go Out To Launch. ...Read the whole story

  • Cable TV Nielsen Rankings

    Rankings for the top 15 programs on basic cable networks as compiled by Nielsen Media Research for the week of Sept. 17-23. Each ratings point represents 1,055,000 households. Day and start time (EDT) are in parentheses. 1. "Bush Address to Congress" (Thursday, 9:04 p.m.), CNN, 5.7, 6.06 million homes. 2. "Bush Address Analysis" (Thursday, 9:41 p.m.), CNN, 5.7, 5.96 million homes. 3. "Congress Responds to Bush" (Thursday, 9:47 p.m.), CNN, 5.2, 5.5 million homes. 4. NFL Football: Denver at Arizona (Sunday, 8:28 p.m.), ESPN, 5.0, 5.29 million homes. 5. "Bush Address Analysis" (Thursday, 9:53 p.m.), CNN, 4.9, 5.17 million homes. ... ...Read the whole story

  • ExtremeDays Sees Extreme Hits

    The latest in a string of teen movies will hit the silver screens today and the film is already boasting huge traffic at its website. ExtremeDays, released by Providence Entertainment, has received a whopping 72,600 daily visitors to its website as the release of the motion picture approaches. Extreme Days is being released in excess of 350 screens across the country. ...Read the whole story

  • Cambridge Selects Edelman As Agency Of Record

    Cambridge Positioning Systems Limited (CPS), a provider of mobile location technology, selected Edelman as its agency of record in the Americas, following a competitive review. CPS' E-OTD (Enhanced Observed Time Difference) technology enables wireless providers and public safety officials to locate an incoming wireless 911 call to 50 meters. CPS is the only independent E-OTD technology supplier. E-OTD has been chosen by all major GSM mobile communications operators, such as AT&T Wireless, Cingular and VoiceStream, as their technology of choice for compliance with the impending US emergency services mandate from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), known as E911. ...Read the whole story

  • Signs Marketing Deals

    Email marketing company recently signed software deals with marketing-focused firms from coast-to-coast. They include: Market Dynamics Group, New England's leading Foodservice sales and marketing agency; PreNet Corporation, a Portland, Oregon-based electronic cash transaction company and Lightspan, an educational software developer also based in Portland. OnMercial's recent sales wins have allowed the firm to add staff including three regional sales representatives. The creation of a project manager position is also allowing the organization to better assist clients with implementation, support and customer service, a key customer service improvement. ...Read the whole story

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