Friday, July 19, 2002
  • Q2 Numbers Look Good To Arbitron

    Media measurement company Arbitron Inc. reported Q2 revenue of $56.5 million, an increase of 12.4% over revenue of $50.3 million during the second quarter of 2001. Net income for the quarter was $6.6 million, compared with $4.7 million for the second quarter of 2001. Ramping up to improve its radio measurement capability and accuracy accounted for most of Arbitron expense increases. Expenses for the quarter increased by 11.0%, from $40.4 million in 2001 to $44.8 million in 2002, largely the result of spending related to the RADAR radio measurement. Increased expenses for the Portable People Meter initiative during the quarter ... ...Read the whole story

  • Web Help For Hispanic Ads

    Adelante Hispanic Marketing has unveiled a new website aimed at assisting U.S. companies in capturing the attention of almost 36 million potential Hispanic customers. The site, highlights the unique characteristics of the Hispanic culture, market-growth trends in the U.S., and the purchasing power of the U.S.-Hispanic population over the next 48 years. The agency's "Opportunity" page points out best practices advertisers should keep in mind to avoid costly marketing mistakes. It focuses on respectful communication using an approach called "transcreation," which considers the nuances of Hispanic culture rather than simply translating English-language advertising into Spanish. ...Read the whole story

  • Publisher Named at Lifetime Magazine

    Susan Plagemann will be the vice president and publisher of Lifetime magazine, a brand extension slated for March 2003. Plagemann, currently publisher of Hearst-owned Cosmopolitan, will take over her new role effective July 22. She will report to Michael Clinton, executive vice president and chief marketing officer/publishing director, Hearst Magazines. Plagemann became publisher of Cosmopolitan in October 1999. Prior to being named publisher, she was Cosmopolitan's associate publisher/advertising from 1997-1999. From 1995-1997, Plagemann worked at Esquire, serving first as advertising manager, then as advertising director, and finally as associate publisher/advertising. ...Read the whole story

  • Ask Jeeves Links With Google

    Ask Jeeves Web Properties has announced it will use the Google Sponsored Links Program, a paid listings advertising service for use on Ask Jeeves' search sites. Under the agreement, Ask Jeeves and Google will share the more than $100 million in estimated revenue to be generated from Google's advertisers on Ask Jeeves' search sites over three years. Google's sponsored links service will complement Ask Jeeves' own advertising products, including its proprietary paid listings product, branded ad units and paid inclusion products. Beginning in September 2002, Google's sponsored links will replace the third-party paid listings currently featured on Ask Jeeves search ... ...Read the whole story

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