Thursday, December 18, 2003
  • Homeless Pages: Study Finds One In Seven Site Links Fail To Connect

    With seemingly bigger issues surrounding the business of Web publishing, it's almost taken for granted that the basic mechanics of a site are supposed to work properly, but many publishers would be surprised to learn that one in seven home pages of well-known consumer sites recently failed a simple link integrity test. While the causes were myriad - ranging from broken links to server errors to links to nonexistent sites - the results were the same: the errors were severe enough to cause visitors to "defect." ...Read the whole story

  • E-Stumping Kicks Into High Gear, Traffic Spikes To Democratic Candidate Sites

    A series of offline actions ranging from a key endorsement to an appearance on a popular late night TV show sent traffic soaring to the Web sites of some Democratic presidential hopefuls. ...Read the whole story

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