Wednesday, February 23, 2005
  • FTC Targets 'Work At Home' Spam

    he Federal Trade Commission yesterday announced it has sued a Florida company under the Can-Spam law as part of a "Project Biz Opp Flop" initiative targeting purveyors of get-rich-quick scams. ...Read the whole story

  • Oneupweb To Mid-Sized Search Marketers: Optimize More Keywords

    Conversion rates during natural searches increase as keywords are added, said a study published yesterday by search marketing firm Oneupweb. Conversion rates, however, plateau and then decline at four keywords, Oneupweb determined. ...Read the whole story

  • MSN Debuts New Travel Show On Web

    MSN today will launch a new travel series, produced by adventure traveler Richard Bangs and featuring one- to three-minute streaming video and audio, photo galleries, and written articles. For the first installment of the series, which focuses on modern philanthropists in Africa, MSN will post new content on its travel site today through Sunday. ...Read the whole story

  • Go Log On To Your Room, Johnny: Kids Rooms Prove Multimedia Paradise

    More than ever, parents who send misbehaving teens to their rooms would do better to send them to an arcade or an Internet cafe: at least at those places, the kids actually have to shell out their own money, as a new survey from Gallup points out that nearly two-thirds--64 percent--of U.S. teens ages 13 to 17 have televisions in their bedrooms, and 28 percent say they have a computer with Internet access in their rooms. ...Read the whole story

  • Golf Sites Tap IndustryBrains

    Contextual advertiser IndustryBrains said yesterday that it has been selected by GolfServ, an online golf content provider, as the exclusive provider of pay-per-click advertising listings on its Web sites, which include and ...Read the whole story

  • MSN Search To Sponsor Mensa

    MSN Search announced Monday that it would sponsor the U.S. branch of Mensa, a worldwide high I.Q. society, supporting several of the group's events and adding the MSN search bar onto the society's home page. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Marketing Association Triples Board

    The Mobile Marketing Association announced Tuesday that it had signed on eight new members to its board of directors--tripling the size of its board, and adding to its 24-member roster. ...Read the whole story

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