Friday, December 16, 2005
  • Google Launches Music Search

    Google Thursday launched a new music search service that allows users to search for song titles and albums, and returns sites, such as iTunes and Rhapsody, where users can purchase the music. The search giant doesn't collect any referral fees for the traffic. ...Read the whole story

  • Blogger Thwarts PriceRitePhoto ID Change

    When PriceRitePhoto came under attack in the blogosphere, the company responded by re-branding as Barclay's Photo. If the company thought a new name would help it escape a bad reputation, it was proven wrong this week. ...Read the whole story

  • Spears, Spectacles, Sports Sirens Top Search In '05

    After another year of album releases, movie premieres, celebrity drama, and random scandal, Britney Spears is once again queen of the fame game, according to Yahoo!'s annual top ten most-searched terms released Thursday. Spears climbed four rungs to depose the fame-factory, "American Idol," which didn't even make the top ten this time around. ...Read the whole story

  • Online Newspaper Readership Climbs

    Sixteen percent of adults in Canada read an online newspaper each week last year--up from 10 percent in 2001, according to a new report by the Newspaper Audience Databank, Inc., the research arm of the Canadian Daily Newspaper industry. ...Read the whole story

  • Birds Of A Feather: XM, AOL Deal Gets DirecTV Berth

    Network Live--an entertainment venture of AOL, XM Satellite Radio, and the entertainment company AEG--Thursday announced that DirecTV will distribute its live music and comedy programs. ...Read the whole story

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