Wednesday, January 31, 2007
  • Ikea Gets Into Bed With New User-Gen Network, Taps Promotion Vs. Ad Budgets

    When it comes to marketing to consumers, many big advertisers have already made their bed. Now, in a departure from traditional advertising and promotions, Swedish home furnishings giant Ikea is asking consumers to make theirs. In a promotion that kicks off this morning, Ikea has turned to a new kind of consumer-generated video network that is designed to motivate consumers to interact with and create videos based on their brands. Unlike others who are treating user-generated content as advertising, PR or buzz marketing, the Ikea campaign is based on a very old marketing model: consumer promotion. ...Read the whole story

  • Ogilvy Taps Technorati For WOM Insights

    In an effort to help brand clients harness the blogosphere, Ogilvy North America has enlisted the services of Technorati. The blog-tracking company will aggregate blog posts relevant to Ogilvy clients and will work with the agency's senior creative directors to integrate existing word-of-mouth into campaigns. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Exec Eschews Pre-Roll

    YouTube this weekend said it was considering running pre-roll ads, but parent company Google Tuesday again disavowed such ads. "We don't believe in pre-rolls," said Penry Price, director of North American sales for Google, at an industry conference in New York ...Read the whole story

  • WPP Invests In Mobile Search Firm JumpTap

    WPP Group said Tuesday it has taken a 2.5% stake in mobile search and advertising firm JumpTap. Through the investment, WPP will join with JumpTap to develop new techniques for targeting mobile users and case studies for brands planning mobile campaigns. ...Read the whole story

  • Gawker Vet Readies New Blogs

    Aiming to appeal to a broader consumer audience, Elizabeth Spiers is preparing to launch several new blogs in upcoming months, including a site dedicated to organic living. The new offerings will join four other Dead Horse properties launched in the last six months: Dealbreaker, AboveTheLaw, SuperMogul, and Fashionista. ...Read the whole story

  • Study: Click Fraud Rises In Q4

    Click fraud rates reached 14.2% last quarter--up from 13.8% in the third, according to a new report by click fraud auditing company Click Forensics. The click fraud rate for keywords that cost more than $2 was 20.9%, according to the report. ...Read the whole story

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