Friday, November 23, 2007
  • Yahoo, Associated Press Team For Polling

    Yahoo will feature a series of presidential polls in the next year examining how Americans feel about various issues and the candidates. Findings from the first of the "Political Pulse" surveys launched in partnership with The Associated Press debuted earlier this week. While Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani were seen as having the best chance of winning their respective parties' nominations, they weren't necessarily the candidates voters want go bowling or on vacation with. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple's 'Mac Guy' And 'PC Guy' Continue Banter In Online Spot

    The well-known PC guy and Mac guy took the Internet by storm this week with a new Apple spot specially designed for the Web. In it, PC guy and Mac guy--played by John Hodgman and Justin Long--engage in their usual banter from a right-hand video box on viewers' screens. The two then direct their attention to a separate leaderboard at the top of the screen, which displays a failed attempt by PC guy to promote Microsoft's Vista operating system in typical static banner ad fashion. ...Read the whole story

  • Universal's Lawsuit Against MySpace Results In Mashup Site Being KO'd

    Universal Media Group's copyright infringement lawsuit against MySpace appears to have caused some collateral damage: A new Nine Inch Nails site where fans could have posted mashups they made using the group's music has been nixed. Universal pulled the plug on the site at the last minute due to fear that users would post clips that violated other musicians' copyrights. ...Read the whole story

  • Online Company Offers Gift Card Management

    Consumer Reports is conducting its second annual public education campaign, warning holiday shoppers of the pitfalls associated with the ubiquitous gift card. Separately, a new company/online service called Leverage is helping consumers better manage gift cards they buy and receive. ...Read the whole story

  • Online Revenue Grew 21% In 3Q For Newspapers

    Advertising revenue for newspapers' online operations grew 21% in the third quarter to $773 million, according to figures released Tuesday by the Newspaper Association of America. Overall, online now accounts for 7.1% of total advertising revenue in the newspaper industry, up from 5.4% in the third quarter of 2006. ...Read the whole story

  • MoveOn Protests Facebook Privacy Issues

    Liberal advocacy organization said that a protest group it started Tuesday to stop Facebook from revealing members' online purchases had swelled to 6,000 by Wednesday. Specifically, MoveOn is protesting a new Facebook feature called Beacon that allows members to automatically update friends about purchases or other actions taken on third-party sites. The activist group says the mechanism violates users' privacy rights despite policies that allow members to "opt out" of the program. MoveOn is calling for an "opt in" policy instead. In a statement issued Tuesday, Facebook said MoveOn misrepresents how Beacon works, and that information from other sites ... ...Read the whole story

  • Pixsy Inks Video Search Deal With Liberated Films

    Pixsy has inked a deal to power video search functionality for San Francisco-based Liberated Films. The site hosts content like viral videos, independent films and movie trailers from over 300 movie studios like Miramax, IFC and Sony Pictures. In turn, the company's Web site will be included in Pixsy's video and image index, which is populated with content from media providers like ABC News, BBC, E!Online and MSNBC. The combination of two companies' technologies will give users the ability to stream videos from various video sites (including Pixsy) within a special Liberated Films viewing frame. --Tameka Kee ...Read the whole story

  • Yellow Pages Association Goes Green With Web Site

    In an effort to upgrade the environmentally friendly image of its print staple, the Yellow Pages Association (YPA) added a "Yellow is Green" section to its Web site. The trade organization includes Yellow Pages publishers, sales representatives, paper manufacturers and vendors--and visitors will find news about the YPA's "green" policies and future initiatives, FAQ's and tips for recycling outdated directories, as well as info on products that recycled YP materials are used to manufacture (like pet bedding and cereal boxes). "The Yellow Pages industry takes environmental issues very seriously, and our paper manufacturers, printers and publishers collaborate to develop recyclable ... ...Read the whole story

Call It A Telco, It's Still The Phone Company

On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial implying that at the end of the day, telcos would beat out cable and satellite companies (and everyone else who is trying) to provide the fat pipe ...More

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