Thursday, January 24, 2008
  • Future Of TV Ad Market: A Lot Like Online's -- Ad Networks, Behavioral Targeting, Etc.

    The future of TV advertising will probably be a lot like current state of the online advertising: aggregated advertising networks, behavioral targeting, and automated buying systems enabling small, "long-tail" advertisers to compete alongside the TV industry's biggest marketers and agencies. At least that's what a panel of TV industry executives blazing that path said Thursday during one of the final sessions of the Future TV conference in New York. ...Read the whole story

  • CBS Asks: Where Does Grow From Here?

    CBS Corp. President and CEO Leslie Moonves on Wednesday presented the network's highly ambitious vision for the global music business. Anyone familiar with, the online community of musicians and fans that CBS bought last year, already knows what that vision looks like. ...Read the whole story

  • Media Buyers Bristle At Networks' Premium Rates For Online Video Advertising

    Broadcast networks will have a hard time maintaining the premium rates being charged for advertising on TV programs distributed online, according to a group of digital media buyers and researchers. Speaking Wednesday on a panel on streaming media at the Digital Media Measurement and Pricing Summit, agency executives questioned how long networks can continue to charge CPM rates for online video three to four times higher than those for TV. ...Read the whole story

  • Attention Span Media Debuts 'Dorm Life' Webisode Series

    Attention Span Media is set to launch "Dorm Life," a Web-based series that chronicles the lives of 10 college students all living on the same floor. Starting the week of Feb. 4, the creative and production studio will release four episodes of "Dorm Life" at new four- to-five-minute clips rolling out each week. ...Read the whole story

  • MPAA Admits Stats Inflated As Congress Considers Copyright Protection Bill

    The study cost $3 million, took 18 months and encompassed 22 countries. Its conclusion--that college campuses account for 44% of movie industry losses due to piracy--has been the centerpiece of lobbying efforts for the last two years by the Motion Picture Association of America. There's just one problem: It's wrong. ...Read the whole story

  • EMI Music's Partnership with SendMe Expands Mobile Company's Offerings

    EMI Music and mobile music company SendMe, Inc. enter into a strategic agreement today that gives members access to EMI's full catalog of mobile content, including 4,000 new ringtones. ...Read the whole story

Using Search and Display To Build Branding

The percentage of time Americans spend with print media fell to 11.9% of total media usage in 2006, according to Veronis Suhler Stevenson's Communications Industry Forecast (VSS) released August 2007. By 2011, VSS predicts print media ...More

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