Wednesday, April 23, 2008
  • Yahoo Earnings Barely Beat Analysts' Forecasts

    Posting first-quarter earnings that beat analyst expectations, Yahoo co-founder and CEO Jerry Yang said Tuesday that the financial results showed the company's "strategy and investments are starting to pay off" in realizing full value for the Web portal. But Yahoo's unchanged outlook on revenue for 2008 may not provide enough leverage to help the company fend off an unsolicited takeover attempt by Microsoft or push up its offer price. ...Read the whole story

  • Google's AdSense Program Sparks Lawsuit

    [Search] A search marketer has sued Google for allegedly tricking him into paying for ads on its publisher network, when he only wanted to purchase ads that would run on the search results pages. In the lawsuit, filed Tuesday in federal district court in San Jose, Calif., David Almeida alleges that Google did not adequately inform him that his paid search ads would run on the AdSense network as well as the search results pages. ...Read the whole story

  • AtomicOnline Eyes Online Fashionista Impressions

    [Online Publishing] AtomicOnline has snapped up, a 70,000 member-strong online community for fashionistas. The deal adds a unique demographic to the Los Angeles-based digital media company's stable of over 50 sites--high-fashion connoisseurs, designers and enthusiasts. ...Read the whole story

  • Broadband Enterprises Partners With ScanScout For Overlay Video Ads

    [Video] Web video network Broadband Enterprises has selected ScanScout as its exclusive domestic provider of in-stream video advertising, the companies are expected to announce today. ScanScout becomes the exclusive provider of overlay video ads for Broadband Enterprises' lifestyle, news and entertainment affiliate network. ...Read the whole story

  • Martin Tells Senate: FCC Will Enforce Net Neutrality

    Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin told the Senate Tuesday that no new laws are needed to protect consumers' ability to access the Web because the agency already has the authority to enforce net neutrality principles. The hearing, "The Future of the Internet," took place as the FCC is mulling whether to take action against Comcast for interfering with traffic to peer-to-peer sites. ...Read the whole story

Minorities: More Connected And Visible Than Ever Online

It isn't often I can begin my train of thought with a bold and seemingly surprising statement on the state of interactive marketing, but in this particular case the data is there to support it: Multicultural ...More

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