Thursday, January 28, 2010
  • Jobs Unveils 'iPad,' Fate Of The Universe Still In Doubt

    It's alive! As scheduled, Apple debuted its highly anticipated tablet device on Wednesday -- for many, representing the dawn of a new age in media consumption, and for others, representing the absolute height of the solipsistic media spectacle. ...Read the whole story

  • Microsoft's Bing Anchors On Localeze Business Data

    Microsoft has become more aggressive in integrating data from other search engines that can offer expertise in a specific subject. Last year, Bing began pulling in health, mathematics and science data from WolframAlpha, and real-time status updates from Twitter, followed by recipes from and earlier this year. In 2007, Microsoft paid $240 million for a 1.6% stake in Facebook. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple Gives Marketers Bigger Launching Pad With Giant iPhone

    The Apple iPad may not be a game-changer for mobile marketing, but the new device will give advertisers and agencies a larger canvas for creating messaging and content for consumers on the go. That's the early takeaway from digital advertising executives and analysts following the long-awaited launch of Apple's tablet computer Wednesday. But still no Flash. ...Read the whole story

  • Study: Shopping Habits Are Consistent Across Channels

    Over the holidays, shoppers in search of deals didn't discriminate between channels, according to new research from display ad provider Eyeblaster. "For marketers, knowing that consumer habits online mirror the offline channel shows that the combination of display advertising and ecommerce resonates with the end user," said Gal Trifon, CEO and co-founder at Eyeblaster. ...Read the whole story

  • Industry Coalition Debuts Friendly 'Hi, You Are Being Targeted' Logo

    As expected, a coalition of ad industry groups have agreed on a uniform online icon aimed at letting Web users know when they are seeing ads based on Web-surfing activity. The move, announced Wednesday, is part of the industry's attempts to stave off new privacy regulations by improving the way companies inform consumers about online ad targeting. In the past, many companies that engaged in behavioral advertising -- or sending people ads based on sites they had visited -- notified users in lengthy and complex privacy policies. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple Tablet Ad A Fake?

    Wednesday night, the French blog posted what is most likely a fake Tablet, or as the ad tags it (and which Apple has actually trademarked), "iPad" spot. The :30 ad is convincing enough, with an iTunes-fresh twee indie jingle in the background and that splatter imagery from Apple's announcement of its "latest creation." ...Read the whole story

  • [x+1] Introduces Data 'Bridge' Across Platforms

    As companies try to improve consumer messaging around online ad targeting in anticipation of new privacy regulation, technology platform company [x+1] this week released an application giving marketers and agencies the ability to integrate customer and third-party online and offline data. ...Read the whole story

  • Alleged Peer-To-Peer Pirate Rejects Settlement Offer In File-Sharing Case

    The record labels and peer-to-peer file sharing service user Jammie Thomas-Rasset are gearing up to court for what will be a third file-sharing trial. On Wednesday, Thomas-Rasset rejected an offer to settle the case by paying $25,000 to a music charity and asking the judge to vacate his earlier ruling slashing damages. Thomas-Rasset was found to have infringed copyright by illegally sharing 24 tracks on Kazaa. ...Read the whole story

    For Digital Publishers: Ditch the Survey and Embrace the Scientific Beauty of Web Analytics

    After 23 years of conducting advertising research, I have reluctantly come to this conclusion: Most digital ads aren't very good, and unless advertisers alter their approach to digital-advertising research, many are likely to assume the medium ...More

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