Friday, February 26, 2010
  • Media Buyers Fear Backlash To BT, Warn 'Watershed' Moment Is Coming

    Media buyers weighed in on the use of behavioral targeting in online advertising Thursday, suggesting that privacy was more than a minor concern for clients in connection with the practice. Speaking at the OMMA Behavioral conference in New York, Adam Kasper, director of digital media at Media Contacts, warned that a "watershed moment" is coming for behavioral targeting when consumers gain greater awareness of the extent to which their online activity can be tracked and targeted, triggering a backlash. ...Read the whole story

  • Click Forensics Delivers Platform To Validate Display Ad Traffic

    Click Forensics will open a program Friday to audit impressions in display ads. The program tests the ability to filter ads and identify invalid traffic in real-time. The company will use the technology to score impressions, as well as determine fraud and validity. The effort to ease the ad industry's growing pains and increase transparency into ad-buying and conversions could prevent marketers from wasting ad dollars and gain better return on investments. ...Read the whole story

  • Forget the Sex Apps - Users Turn To iPhone For Dating, Health

    With Apple clearing out all those sex-themed apps from the App Store, it makes you wonder what else people are doing with their iPhones. According to a new study by Greystripe, plotting romance and staying healthy are two of the more popular activities. The mobile ad network found that more than half (51%) of iPhone and iPod touch users turn to the devices to help plan a date, and 39% for health-related inquiries. ...Read the whole story

  • Zaneis: 'Advertising Is Creepy' Campaign 'Hit the Mark'

    Consumers have moused over 10 percent of the banner ads served to date for the Interactive Advertising Bureau's educational campaign about behavioral advertising, said vp, public policy Mike Zaneis Thursday. But the campaign, which includes a banner ad stating "Advertising is Creepy," hasn't been universally popular --and is part of a broader push to stave off new laws by convincing policymakers that the industry can inform consumers about online ad targeting and allow them to choose whether to participate. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Influences Lives In Social Marketing Coupon Site

    Ex-Google and DoubleClick employees Jason Kalish and Jorge Zapata have launched a coupon aggregator that serves up daily offers and discounts from Groupon, YouSwoop and others across more than 50 cities. The local offers are combined and delivered to people either in email, RSS Feed, Twitter tweets, or Facebook Fan page. ...Read the whole story

Oh Yeah, Well I'm Going To Twitter You!

Do you know who Kevin Smith is? Neither do I. But apparently he is a "beefy" 39-year-old filmmaker ( "I'm fat," he writes. "I don't deny that. At all.") who got bounced off a Southwest Airlines ...More

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