Friday, March 19, 2010
  • YouTube Accuses Viacom Of Secretly Uploading Clips

    YouTube co-founder Steve Chen allegedly urged associates to "concentrate all of our efforts in building up our numbers as aggressively as we can through whatever tactics, however evil.'" Viacom allegedly secretly uploaded its own clips to YouTube, dispatching employees to Kinko's and other off-premises locales so that the material could not be traced back to the network. Chen allegedly claimed that 80% of the the site's traffic "depended on pirated videos." ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Starts Weekly Email Reports For Page Administrators

    Facebook has quietly begun sending weekly email reports to Facebook Page administrators providing key metrics such as the number of new fans, Wall posts, comments and visitors in the prior week. While the social network hasn't formally announced the new reports, word about email updates started spreading across the blogosphere and Twitter this week as Facebook Page managers began receiving them. ...Read the whole story

  • Google: Dynamic Data And Social Features Can Save Display Ads

    Display ads will incorporate a variety of social elements in future campaigns, but integrating creativity and dynamic data today can provide marketers with indispensable consumer mindshare and loyalty. The technology now exists to create these opportunities. ...Read the whole story

  • IVillage Looks To Chief Healthcare Decision-Makers

    Continuing its colonization of niche content areas, iVillage on Thursday debuted its new Health site, which combines medical expertise and original health content with new socially interactive features. The launch is the fourth in a series of such launches, including iVillage's new Entertainment, Food and Astrology sites, and is part of the site-wide redesign, which kicked off in September. ...Read the whole story

  • LBi Names Isaac Global Head Of Planning

    Digital agency LBi International on Thursday named Jonathan Isaac as its new Global Head of Planning. In this newly created position, Isaac will be responsible for overseeing the expansion and integration of LBi's strategy and planning service offering throughout its global network. ...Read the whole story

Talking 'Bout My Ge-Ge-Generation

Saying he deplores the lack of understanding about the importance of history and tradition among today's kids "who have no tradition other than slavish devotion to pop fads, digital social media and Cheetos," Mike Crosson, publisher ...More

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