Thursday, July 28, 2011
  • Study: Google Overestimated Its Economic Impact

    "Grossly exaggerated" is how independent analysis describes Google's 2009 and 2010 Economic Impact report, which the Mountain View, Calif., company claims to have generated $54 and $64 billion, respectively, in activity for American businesses. ...Read the whole story

  • SEOmoz Builds Out 'Search Engine' To Aid Marketers

    SEOmoz, a Seattle-based SEO tools company, unveiled an upgrade to Open Site Explorer Wednesday. The tool suite allows marketers to view inbound links on their Web sites and discover why the competition outranks them in search query results. ...Read the whole story

  • Hulu Primarily TV Destination, Netflix Draws Movie Lovers

    As Hulu and Netflix continue to square off, it's important to note key behavioral differences between their respective audiences. Eighty-nine percent of Hulu users consume its content directly on a computer and favor TV, while 42% of Netflix users report watching TV and movies on their computers. ...Read the whole story

  • Yahoo Exchange Adds Publisher RTB Tools

    In a move aimed at attracting more publishers, Yahoo's Right Media Exchange is rolling out new tools for selling inventory in the marketplace on a real-time basis. ...Read the whole story

  • Launches E-Commerce Capability

    Under a new partnership, Quidsi-owned will power e-commerce on, online arm of Conde Nast's Allure magazine. The integration will allow users to buy health and beauty products featured in articles and reviews throughout the site through rather than linking to manufacturer sites. ...Read the whole story

  • E-Readers Are For Boomers, Smartphones For Millennials

    There's a mobile device for every age group. New findings from media research firm Affinity suggest the growing range of connected gadgets entering the mainstream are attracting distinct audiences. The way it breaks down: E-readers are for baby boomers, PC tablets for Gen Xers, and smartphones for millennials. ...Read the whole story

  • Franken: AT&T, T-Mobile Merger Threatens Net Neutrality

    Sen. Al Franken, who is asking the government to block the proposed $39 billion merger, says the deal would create an effective duopoly with AT&T and Verizon controlling a combined 82% of the wireless market. The result is that consumers would be left with fewer alternative if their wireless carriers start discriminating against competitors, he says. ...Read the whole story

Facebook's Sponsored Stories May Become Tales of Woe

Facebook is banking on Sponsored Stories, a form of branded content, becoming a big hit with advertisers and a win for Facebook. Brands can greatly benefit from the personal endorsements -- provided they know and back ...More

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