• Zynga Reports Loss, But Mobile Games Strong

    In its first quarterly report since going public in December, social games powerhouse Zynga posted a net loss for the fourth quarter, but beat analyst estimates for its adjusted earnings. The company had a net loss of $435 million, or $1.22 a share. ...Read the whole story

  • Far East Deal Goes South For Yahoo, Investors Ask, 'What Now?'

    In the latest chapter of the digital ad industry's favorite soap opera, the plot has once again thickened for Yahoo. Specifically, a lucrative deal to sell off its Asian assets in a $17 billion swap with China's Alibaba Group appears to have faltered, causing investors to rethink prospects for the online display advertising giant. ...Read the whole story

  • Publishers Look To Capitalize On Consolidated Services

    Publishers have been stepping up marketing services in hopes that brands and agencies will consolidate their list of publishing partners and invest ad dollars in fewer coffers. The move has begun to affect the profitability of ad exchanges paying attention. ...Read the whole story

  • Poor Attribution Models Waste Billions Of Ad Dollars

    Collective has developed a model to determine online ad attribution and plans to release a study Wednesday pointing to flaws in methods marketers use today, such as click-through rates, post clicks, and impressions. The strategy -- causal attribution -- aims to support ROI from display and video advertising by linking it to advertising spend, including identifying campaigns that don't work. ...Read the whole story

  • IAB Issues Ad Verification Guidelines

    Coinciding with the rise of online ad verification as a requisite for buyers and sellers, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has released a set of related guidelines and principles. Developed in conjunction with the Media Rating Council, the standards were designed to provide a common set of methods and practices for ad verification. ...Read the whole story

  • AP Says News Aggregator Infringes Copyright

    The Associated Press on Tuesday took aim at Meltwater, a company that offers a paid clipping service to clients including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. ...Read the whole story

  • Travel Sites On Facebook Deliver Mixed Results

    A Compete study argues the number of Likes a brand collects via Facebook is a common but potentially misleading measure because it's cumulative rather than current. It points to unique visitors as a better indicator of current engagement; in that regard, Orbiz and Expedia lead the way. ...Read the whole story

  • OTT TV Numbers RIsing

    A new report suggests TV watching via broadband is on the rise, while devices facilitating over-the-top viewing are gaining more traction. Parks Associates found that 31% of homes with broadband regularly watch TV online. ...Read the whole story

  • SI Swimsuit Apps Also Peep At Magazine Watermarks

    As part of this year's Swimsuit Issue extravaganza, Sports Illustrated launches a special viewer app that detects watermarks in the special issue to trigger special videos of the models. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple's Tim Cook: Tablet Sales Will Surpass PC

    At a Goldman Sachs keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook argued that "off the charts" iPad sales indicated tablet sales will surpass PC sales in coming years. Addressing the Amazon challenge directly, Cook claims the iPad is aimed at a different type of consumer from the Kindle Fire. ...Read the whole story

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