Friday, December 14, 2012
  • Microsoft Refuses To Budge, Retains Do-Not-Track Default

    Despite pushback from the ad industry, Microsoft says it has no intention of backing away from its decision to activate the do-not-track setting by default on the Internet Explorer 10 browser. ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Simplifies Ad Offering For SMBs

    As part of its effort to cultivate small and medium-sized businesses, Facebook has introduced a new option that allows page owners on the site to more easily create ads to build their fan bases. ...Read the whole story

  • Twitter Introduces Search Keyword Match-Type Targeting

    Automation continues to move deeper into Twitter's ad platform, taking it closer to offering services similar to Google and Bing. Marketers on Twitter can now select from several matching options when entering keywords: exact match, phrase match, basic keyword match, and negative keywords. ...Read the whole story

  • To Optimize Ads, Search Marketers Must Fix Message

    Content producers and search marketers will need to have a better understanding of science and math in 2013, or risk failed campaigns. Datapop's white paper, "A Comprehensive Guide To The Art & Science of PPC Ad Optimization" provides insight into why ads "suck." It explains how consumers have been bombarded with misplaced and irrelevant messages for years. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Apps Explode, Gaming Huge

    Few trends shaped 2012 as profoundly as the growth of mobile apps, and gaming apps in particular. This year, apps generated about $10 billion in revenue -- and a staggering 80% of this went to games. ...Read the whole story

  • Users Prefer Mobile Video At Home

    When it comes to the rise of two-screen viewing, much of the discussion has focused on tablets as the second screen. But a new study shows most people watching video on mobile phones are doing so at home (63%), rather than on the go. More than a third (36%) of this viewing takes place in a room where a TV, PC or tablet is also available for watching video. ...Read the whole story

  • VH1 To Debut Twitter Tracker For 'Divas'

    A Twitter Tracker tool created by the digital experts supporting "VH1 Divas" scheduled to air live on Sunday should stir up some social conversation around the show. The site will show the popularity based on the number of retweets. ...Read the whole story

  • Auto Advertisers Accelerate Mobile Spend

    Automotive was the fastest-growing ad category on the Millennial Media ad network in the third quarter, with spending up nearly sixfold. That finding echoes data just released by Nielsen showing that auto saw the biggest ad-spending gains overall in the quarter, up 26% to $2.7 billion. ...Read the whole story

  • Dozens Of Groups Ask FTC To Update COPPA Regs

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