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Wrong All Along?
The debate rages: Does providing content free on the Internet reduce demand for that same brand's print readership? Should publishers protect their brands or their revenue streams by closing their online content behind pay walls?» 0 Comments
Woe The Digital Sale: Dealing With Scorched Earth
Question from a seller of digital advertising: I've been selling advertising with my company for a few years now. But at some point my boss made a sales call to a buyer (and closed a deal, BTW), but now that person refuses to see anyone from our company again. It's an important account for us and I just can't let it go away forever. Any suggestions?» 0 Comments
If Being Clueless Was A Crime, Online Buyers Should Be Arrested
Have you seen the Facebook movie or read the book it was based on? If you look hard enough and read between the lines, you can indict media buyers for being completely clueless. Can you imagine the media buy that could have been negotiated with Facebook if just one buyer was paying attention in 2004?» 0 Comments
Marriage Is Dead -- And Publishers Are Partly To Blame
While the tired debate over gay marriage consumes endless media attention, the real issue goes unreported: Marriage itself is a failed institution. And he "sanctity" of marriage is being warped by reality television shows and cheating websites, while infidelity is being made easier by the Internet and mobile devices.» 0 Comments
The Most Valuable Customer Connection
Last October I wrote about email and its importance as a publishing platform that reaches everyone. I had to make the point after a Wall Street Journal reporter had written "Why Email No Longer Rules." So it was fun to moderate a panel at OMMA Global this week, a year later, with folks from Groupon, the latest internet rocket-ship-growth darling, along with leaders from Daily Candy, Gilt Groupe and the founder of Thrillist, who collectively shake loose billions of dollars in advertising revenue and merchandise sales earned from "publishing on email" strategies.» 0 Comments