• Big Media Embrace Programmatic @TrustX
    The announcement that 27 big media brands will work with a cooperative digital advertising marketplace named TrustX should not be a surprise. We think it was inevitable.
  • Strike a Pose, Mode Media
    Mode Media suddenly shut down last week without Germany's Hubert Burda Media actually explaining what happened. It's starting to look like programmatic is killing big time Web content operations, especially when big media gets involved.
  • Ad Limiting Going Mobile, Thanks To Apple
    With Apple building a form of ad limitation into its latest mobile operating system, watch out, ad tech.
  • Machine Learning Taking Over
    Juniper Research says machine learning algorithms are expected to generate around $42 billion in annual advertising revenue by 2021, up from around $3.5 billion this year. A huge and fascinating culture around media planners and media directors s going away.
  • Google, Facebook And Amazon Battle Over Back To School
    Since Google commands so much clout at the search level, they will rule in programmatic advertising, right? Not so fast - there's an increasing trend towards shopping searches originating on Facebook and Amazon.
  • Div Turakhia Talks About Programmatic's Rise In Asia
    This week, Chinese investors spearheaded by Miteno bought ad tech startup Media.net for $900 million. We talk with Divyank Turakhia, who launched Media.net with his brother in 2005, about programmatic advertising in Asia and the U.S..
  • Facebook Fights Back
    The outcome of the ongoing battle between Facebook and Adblock Plus will have sweeping ramifications for programmatic advertising.
  • Micropayments + Adblock Plus = Significant Coin?
    Are European-style micropayments the solution for ad blocking? AdBlock Plus thinks so. In any event, something has to happen.
  • Google Strengthens Its Lead
    The New York Times Co. announced dismal quarterly results even as Google announced Smart Bidding on DoubleClick Search, highlighting the inability of online publishers to keep up with Google's and Facebook's advances in machine-assisted programmatic advertising.
  • Spotify Targets Your Bathing Habits
    Spotify last week announced a partnership with AppNexus, Rubicon Project and The Trade Desk that will enable highly targeted Deal ID/PMP audio ads to serve to the 70-million, mostly young users of Spotify Free.
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