• Tech Targeting Failing? Yes, Say Researchers
    Is ad tech in trouble because the industry's ad targeting is failing?
  • Facebook Isn't Making Enough Money?
    Facebook is taking one of the first steps to becoming an unbeatable entertainment powerhouse.
  • Twitter Turmoil Reaches Asia
    Twitter is in turmoil, and advertising - or its lack - is at the center of it all. Now managing director for China, Kathy Chen, has departed the company.
  • Fraud Hits Us Where We Live
    International fraud is a huge problem and is threatening to seriously harm this industry.
  • Snap Gears Up With Ad Tech
    According to Recode, Snap has acquired San Francisco-based ad tech firm Flite - partly, some say, to acquire its coterie of professionals.
  • The Natives Are Restless
    Some end-of-the-year naval gazing on such topics as the IAB's stance on native advertising and the dramatic rise of programmatic digital video ads.
  • Targeted TV Advertising Moves Forward
    I spoke to Kristin Dolan, former COO of Cablevision, who together with partner Ben Tatta, Cablevision's former media sales president, have founded a new company - 605.
  • A Modest Test Of Amazon's Sponsored Products Ads
    With Amazon completely dominating Cyber Monday sales, how well are advertisers taking advantage of Amazon's programmatic promotional opportunities?
  • Adblock Plus Comes To New York
    Let's have a debate. Adblock Plus, the leading ad blocker, will convene a "potentially world-changing meetup" the week after next in New York. Should advertisers attend?
  • Attack Of The Bad Ads
    Scott Moore, CEO of Ad Lightning, talks about its "proprietary intelligence tool" that is designed to weed out programmatic ads that slow down or detract from a user experience.
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