• What Do Time Inc. And Its Viant Have To Tell Us?
    Jon Schulz, CMO at Viant, the ad tech and content (MySpace) company recently acquired by Time Inc., promises "a series of announcements" at the company's quarterly earnings session, on May 5.
  • Ad Tech Doesn't Get Schmoozed
    Media properties have vainly tried to compete with what they know how to do: Produce "content." But "content," no matter how flashy, is increasingly irrelevant in today's mobile-driven, programmatic advertising world.
  • The Browser That Blocks (And Sells) Ads: Brave Or Brazen?
    We checked out Brave, the new Web browser that works both as an ad blocker and as a competitive ad seller and has about 1,200 newspapers up in arms.
  • I Have Seen The Future, And It's Mobile And Fleeting
    It's becoming clearer than ever that mostly mobile applications like Snapchat are the future of programmatic advertising.
  • Conde Nast Dives In
    Evan Adlman, recently hired to head up programmatic advertising at Cond Nast, asserts its iconic brands and first-party data on consumers give it a huge advantage in the marketplace.
  • Content Discovery Platforms Rewrite Our Idea Of Media
    The the way Content Discovery Platforms are increasingly dominating media sites challenges the very idea of what media and publishing is.
  • Cost Per Engagement Pricing Gains Currency
    Are new forms of ad pricing -- CPE, CPA or CPI -- gaining ground in programmatic? Maybe.
  • Cleaning Up Ad Fraud
    Despite scary headlines that speak of $8 billion in fraud and junk and "stolen" inventory, the programmatic industry appears to be cleaning up its act.
  • Ad Blocking Gathers Strength In Unknown Numbers
    Industry sources assert that the penetration of ad blocking software may be much higher than some estimates - perhaps as high as 50% overall in the U.S. and up to 63% of Millennials.
  • Will Time Inc. Marry Into A Programmatic Pedigree?
    Time Inc. is reportedly considering some kind of deal with Yahoo, possibly a merger. But even Google doesn't dominate digital advertising the way Time Inc. has print, so acquiring anything like its former status seems a long shot.
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