• Micropayments + Adblock Plus = Significant Coin?
    Are European-style micropayments the solution for ad blocking? AdBlock Plus thinks so. In any event, something has to happen.
  • Google Strengthens Its Lead
    The New York Times Co. announced dismal quarterly results even as Google announced Smart Bidding on DoubleClick Search, highlighting the inability of online publishers to keep up with Google's and Facebook's advances in machine-assisted programmatic advertising.
  • Spotify Targets Your Bathing Habits
    Spotify last week announced a partnership with AppNexus, Rubicon Project and The Trade Desk that will enable highly targeted Deal ID/PMP audio ads to serve to the 70-million, mostly young users of Spotify Free.
  • Google's Demographic Squeeze Play
    A Google claim that marketers are losing up to 70% of "potential mobile shoppers" by relying on conventional demographic suppositions is the kind of marketing ploy that only it could execute or even acknowledge.
  • Media's Secret Weapon In The War On Facebook
    We have to wonder if media companies aren't exploring micropayments and simply abandoning the ad-supported model because Google and Facebook so dominate programmatic buying.
  • Be Very Afraid, Facebook And Google
    News Corp. CEO Robert Thomson's claim that publishers would build "a powerful network" themselves to compete with Facebook shows once again that powerful CEOs have learned nothing.
  • Target Google: How To Hit Customers Where They Shop
    It's long been a contention among the biggest programmatic ad platforms that they alone possess the best targeting ability, and Google wants you to know why.
  • Mobile Device Obsession Yields A Marketer's Paradise
    Increasingly mobile is taking over, according to the Influence Central 2016 Digital Trends Study, which has profound and powerful implications for programmatic advertising.
  • Looking For Innovation? Buy It.
    With its purchase of LinkedIn, Microsoft isn't just buying a company. It's buying 5,700 wired employees from every major online hotspot and a major improvement of its programmatic advertising prospects.
  • The Death Of A Thousand Cuts
    When a media property becomes an amalgam of clever native advertising and calculated content designed to keep young nonreaders reading, it also becomes bland and indistinguishable.
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