• Targeted TV Advertising Moves Forward
    I spoke to Kristin Dolan, former COO of Cablevision, who together with partner Ben Tatta, Cablevision's former media sales president, have founded a new company - 605.
  • A Modest Test Of Amazon's Sponsored Products Ads
    With Amazon completely dominating Cyber Monday sales, how well are advertisers taking advantage of Amazon's programmatic promotional opportunities?
  • Adblock Plus Comes To New York
    Let's have a debate. Adblock Plus, the leading ad blocker, will convene a "potentially world-changing meetup" the week after next in New York. Should advertisers attend?
  • Attack Of The Bad Ads
    Scott Moore, CEO of Ad Lightning, talks about its "proprietary intelligence tool" that is designed to weed out programmatic ads that slow down or detract from a user experience.
  • Google And Facebook: The Terminators
    Just when traditional advertisers are starting to abandon the usual media suspects and going mostly digital, it turns out that all growth in the ad tech industry is coming from two companies: Facebook and Google.
  • AT&T Time Warner: A Big Maybe
    Just exactly how much of a programmatic advertising powerhouse will the $85 billion AT&T Time Warner combination be? I see great potential, but a lot of roadblocks.
  • Rocket Fuel Fails To Ignite
    I asked Rocket Fuel CTO Mark Torrance about Rocket Fuel's somewhat "disappointing" third quarter results and its stock price in an email interview. "My impression is [Wall Street] isn't really getting it," he said.
  • The Trade Desk Opens Up
    The Trade Desk's IPO provides a unique opportunity to see both how viable ad tech companies are in the public markets as well as to evaluate The Trade Desk in particular.
  • Snapchat, The MTV Of 2016
    This past week, Snap, Inc. was reported to be planning a $25 billion IPO, not surprising us - or anyone in the ad business. Any company that reaches, on a given day, 41% of 18-34 year olds in the U.S. is going to get noticed.
  • Facebook Targets Craigslist And eBay
    Facebook is taking on Craigslist and eBay directly, with a new mobile local - and probably international - classified ad feature called Marketplace, giving it some unique opportunities to further target its users with programmatic ads.
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