Friday, July 29, 2016

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  • Here's What Marketers Should Note From Google's Second-Quarter Earnings Wall Street Journal

    Strong demand from advertisers powered yet another better-than-expected quarter for Google parent Alphabet, Inc. Alphabet's revenue, fueled almost entirely by Google's advertising business, grew 21% from a year earlier to reach $21.5 billion in the second quarter, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Profit jumped 25%. "The main driver for Google’s second-quarter revenue growth was mobile, the company said, specifically from mobile search. Much of Alphabet’s revenue growth during the quarter came from the sites Google owns, such as its search engine and YouTube, rather than its network, through which it places advertising on sites and apps ... ...Read the whole story

  • Google Taps A.I. To Help You Bid For Digital Ads Computerworld

    Artificial intelligence has rentered the world of real-time bidding. This week, Google brought machine learning into the process to help make it easier, according to a report in Computerworld  "Tapping some of the same A.I. technologies that have already appeared in Google Photos and AlphaGo, Smart Bidding is a new capability for conversion-based automated bidding across AdWords and DoubleClick Search to help companies determine their optimal bid for any given campaign or portfolio. It can factor in millions of signals, Google says, and continually refines models of users' conversion performance at different bid levels." ...Read the whole story


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Consider Cost Per Outcome When Optimizing Audience Buying On Facebook, Instagram

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