Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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  • Is Programmatic Advertising Relevant In B2B?Business2Community.com

    Andrew Dalglish reports that the B2B Barometer Report states that two-thirds (64%) of B2B marketers describe programmatic advertising as irrelevant. Dalglish says it's striking because an estimated 59% of digital ad spend in the UK, that’s £1.8 billion, is programmatic and next year it’s forecast to reach 70%. Yet, most B2B marketers still don’t see it as relevant. ...It’s strange because if we break it down, programmatic is unarguably attractive.... A report by AppNexus identifies two key challenges hindering the wider adoption of programmatic – a lack of understanding about how to use it and a fear that ad content ... ...Read the whole story

  • Snapchat Is A Measurement ChallengeWarc

    Snapchat is peceived as a vital tool for engaging with youth and millennials but marketers face challenges in attempting to measure the results of their work with influencers.Unlike other social networks, Snapchat offers little in the way of performance metrics and what there is, is not publicly available. Marketers are reduced to relying on influencers taking a screenshot of their personal analytics page in order to understand how many people have seen a video. "You can have millions of dollars paid out in these campaigns, and they're basically being run on screenshots and text messages between C-level executives and teenagers," ... ...Read the whole story

  • Traffic Quality Crackdown Kicks Off Record Price RiseThe Drum

    More news on the AppNexus debacle. The Drum reports that the company has claimed that a crackdown on invalid traffic on its platform helped kick off a record increase in the price advertisers are willing to pay for quality inventory during the last quarter, with a separate initiative from the ad tech platform seeing view through rates rocket by 77%. The findings are in its latest Digital Advertising Index, which also documents the period when the ad tech outfit launched its AppNexus IQ scheme that saw it ditch traffic that it deemed invalid, thus limiting the amount available via its platform. AppNexus ... ...Read the whole story

  • McDonald's Sets Out DMP PlansThe Drum
  • Walled Gardens: Learning From The Past To Predict The FutureAdExchanger

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Bringing Law and Order To Wild West Of Programmatic TV

We are still in the early days of programmatic TV, and by that I mean more automated, machine-driven processes for buying and selling TV inventory, not necessarily real-time bidding (though that may be coming down the ...More