Friday, June 24, 2016

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  • Is Branded Virtual Reality Content The Next Frontier In Marketing? Wall Street Journal

    At the Cannes Lions advertising festival, media companies like Gannett and AOL pitched a new vision for marketing that includes branded content and virtual reality (VR). "VR  was a popular talking point among ad agency executives, tech companies such as Samsung were demonstrating their latest hardware, and online services such as YouTube were showcasing the content now available on their platforms," according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Salespeople and VR experts from Gannett’s USA Today Network showed a sizzle reel for its upcoming weekly VR show called “VRtually There,” as well as branded VR content it’s already ... ...Read the whole story

  • Unilever CMO Vows No More 'Vacuous' Women Ads Campaign

    Unilever has pledged to stamp out female stereotypes in its ads, after finding that more progressive campaigns play better with their target audience. Speaking at Cannes Lions 2016, chief marketing officer Keith Weed unveiled internal Unilever research analysing 1,000 ads from different countries, and found that 50% contained stereotypical portrayals of women. ...Read the whole story

  • What Is The Role Of Marketing Agencies In Data Management? Econsultancy

    Writing on the Econsultancy blog, Stefan Tornquist, vice president of Research (U.S.) for Econsultancy, speaks with Chris O'Hara, the author of a report on "The Role of The Agency in Data Management." He finds that not only are agencies starting to build consultative practices, but it looks like traditional consultancies are starting to build agency-like services as well. "Not long ago you wouldn’t think of names like Accenture, McKinsey, Infinitive, and Boston Consulting Group when you think of digital media, but they are working closely with a lot of Fortune 500 marketers to do things like DMP and DSP (demand-side ... ...Read the whole story

  • Industry Needs To 'Cut The Crap': 'The Economist' Panel At Cannes Campaign Asia

    Marc Pritchard, global marketing and brand building officer, P&G, sat on the Economist panel at the Cannes Festival this week and said about advertising: "We've got to cut the crap and elevate the craft. Just because you 'can' doesn't mean you 'should'... there is also too much crap in content right now." Brad Jakeman, president, global beverage group, PepsiCo said "ad blocking is something we all have created. The whole industry has been lazy and has produced crap content for years. How can we be shocked that people want to block it?" Jakeman said that PepsiCo now produces much of ... ...Read the whole story


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