Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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  • Facebook Atlas, Guthy-Renker Paid-Search Case StudyFacebook

    Guthy-Renker's Proactiv online marketing team managed paid search and display independently until the company's CMO, Jay Sung, asked his team to determine if the combined influence of search and display had an impact on sales or whether final conversion results were as siloed as these spending allocations. Here are the methodology and findings on how display contributed downstream to paid-search campaigns. ...Read the whole story

  • Boosting Paid-Search Campaigns With Ads Running On Google Display NetworkSearch Engine Watch

    Melissa Mackey wants to set the record straight. Ad performance on the Google Display Network (GDN) isn't the same as search, in that the ads are shown on content sites and matched based on content and topics (similar to native ads) rather than keywords. Advertisers should not think of display as an extension of search, but rather as a distinct channel. This becomes even more complicated with native ads because -- they along with search -- use the same pricing model. While low conversion rates are often a reality, she explains that low conversion rates on the GDN alone can ... ...Read the whole story


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Pay Only For Viewability, Prepare For Failure Of Your KPIs

Twelve months ago, if you asked a client what their No. 1 KPI is, they would probably say "sales." Fast forward to today and because viewability is front and center for agencies, key KPIs are taking ...More