Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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  • Outside Voices: I'd Like to Teach the World to Ad BlockWall Street Journal

    Joe Marchese, founder of true[x], argues that ad blockers should be an industry-wide wake-up call. The situation with digital advertising is so dire that the only fix might be to reset. In a fascinating column for the WSJ, Marchese states: "I wish I could go door to door and help people install ad blockers. Door to door, like Don Draper meets Johnny Appleseed, but for ad blockers. It may sound like I’m a turncoat selling out my own profession. So before you start yelling, here’s the high-level argument: Most of what ad blockers would block was junk/fraud anyway. Digital advertising ... ...Read the whole story

  • If You've Got A Problem With Fraud, You're Doing Programmatic WrongAdExchanger

    AdExchanger delivers a terrific column in its "Data-Driven Thinking" series by Nicolle Pangis, global chief revenue officer at Xaxis. Pangis states: "With $6.3 billion destined for illicit hands this year, according to the Association of National Advertisers, ad fraud is clearly a major problem. But rather than impacting all players in the space equally, fraud is increasingly born by those who willfully, negligently or unmindfully make poor choices in their digital advertising efforts." She argues that all players in the ecosystem must understand two "hard truths": "First, while one of the initial promises of Internet advertising was to provide a virtually ... ...Read the whole story

  • Programmatic's New Tenants: Brand MarketersMarketing Land

    Melody Gambino, Director of Marketing at Grapeshot explains why branding dollars are shifting to programmatic. "As programmatic has evolved and matured over the past year — despite all of the sticky challenges presented by fraud, viewability issues and ad blocking — branding dollars are starting to flow to programmatic in earnest. ...With the growth of private marketplaces, better deal ID protocols and automated direct avenues, programmatic investment is growing in a cross-channel manner. In addition to display, adoption rates are rising rapidly in mobile and video, two hot platforms ideal for consumer engagement and branding." ...Read the whole story

  • Acxiom Thinks The Furor Over Ad Blocking And IOS 9 Is OverblownAcxiom

    Arthur Coleman, general manager of Acxiom Labs writes in a blog post that "the immediate impact of ad blocking in iOS 9 is overblown. "The ad-pocalypse predicted for mobile is unlikely to occur, and the advertising industry has time to adapt to increasing viewer frustration with current advertising practices. ...We do not expect ad blockers on mobile to achieve more than a 2-4% penetration in the US by the end of 2017.  Still, we strongly advise advertisers and publishers to attend to viewers’ frustrations with current advertising practices online and in mobile now to avoid a disaster in the future." ... ...Read the whole story

  • ANA Study: Most Marketers Would Shift Ad Spend Over Lack Of Third-Party MeasurementAdExchanger

    AdExchanger's take on the ANA study that found that most marketers would shift ad spend due to insufficient third-party measurement. In an ANA survey of 154 members conducted this summer, 90% of marketer respondents also said they are “not fully confident” that their working media meets digital viewability requirements set forth by bodies such as the Media Rating Council (MRC)."The question we asked was, 'Do you think larger digital media owners should allow their inventory to be measured by a [third party]?'" Bill Duggan, group EVP for the ANA told AdExchanger's Kelly Liyakasa. "I think even if you took out ... ...Read the whole story


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