Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Fantastic Four: Comparing Agency Trading Desks' Programmatic Efforts

The Fantastic Four agency holding groups, and their respective trading desk efforts in programmatic, have been debated, followed, loved and hated. Many have even made recent game-changing acquisitions and investments to strengthen their offerings and position ...More

  • Google Finally Gets It

    During the Web Summit in early November, Google's global CMO, Lorraine Twohill, talked to UK marketing publication The Drum about Google's plans to move a majority of its marketing campaigns over to programmatic, saying that overall, ...More

  • Winning The Cyber Monday Wars

    While Cyber Monday has a relatively short history, providing marketers with scant perspective on which to draw, its incredible growth implies that retailers without a solid Cyber Monday strategy better prepare for a long, cold win ...More

  • The Ultimate Accountability For Marketing Is Sales