Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The RTB 500 is a composite of the real-time price of media on 500 leading publishers. Change is compared to yesterday's average.

Magna's Programmatic Forecast Defines Digital Ad Opportunity

The rise of programmatic buying of media and automation of processes is perhaps the most important consequence of the increasingly wide reliance by the advertising industry on the use of software and tools that we broadly ...More

  • Why Every Ad Can't Be Data-Driven

    Data driven ad campaigns are great, but not always practical, according to panelists at the OMMA Premium Display conference, on Tuesday. For one, some industries lend themselves to data availability more than others, said Monik Sanghvi, ...More

  • Hyperbabble Of The Day

    "... is powered by enhanced proprietary algorithms that offer clients fluid digitalisation, optimisation and addressability across formats. This ability to collate results and information into one unified marketing statistic marks the end to complexity in this ...More

  • '(Programmatic) Advertising Week'