Monday, February 4, 2013
  • Agency Trading Desks Lag In Awareness, Understanding

    Despite their growing importance in the real-time media trading marketplace, agency trading desks are one of the least understood parts of the advertising technology ecosystem, especially among the stakeholders that may count most: marketers. In what is believed to be the first study of its kind, Advertiser Perceptions Inc. has begun releasing findings of its first "Ad Tech Study," which finds that a third of marketers either have no or very little awareness of agency trading desks. ...Read the whole story

  • OpenX, AdTruth Deal Marks New Chapter For Mobile RTB

    After announcing a partnership with OpenX Software last week, AdTruth vice president and general manager James Lamberti said the deal marks a new chapter for mobile RTB. "We are past the starter days," he said. "We are moving into the next phase of growth." ...Read the whole story

  • Bing To Offer Click-To-Call Ads Through Skype

    Microsoft's search engine Bing might resemble a fast-moving train this year, as it lines up a variety of product launches -- as many as one weekly, Bing GM David Pann told MediaPost. Once known as a thousand-pound gorilla impossible to move, Microsoft has become an agile beast. ...Read the whole story

  • Radio Biggie Townsquare Taps Marketron For Open Data Exchange

    Private equity-backed radio broadcasting operator Townsquare Media has signed a deal to begin using Marketron's Mediascape Platform. Marketron will be responsible for managing all of the data exchange for Townsquare's current roster of 243 radio stations, as well as future ones. "Marketron's open platform delivers on Townsquare's goal to improve efficiencies and increase the revenue potential of all our stations," states Stu Rosenstein, executive vice president and CFO of Townsquare Media. "By optimizing the back-end of our business with Marketron, we will be better able to utilize data-driven business intelligence to run a smarter and more efficient organization." ...Read the whole story

  • Canoe Submits Dynamic Ad Insertion Reporting For Audit

    Canoe Ventures this morning announced it has entered into the pre-audit phase of the Media Rating Council's accreditation process for its video-on-demand television dynamic ad insertion reporting service. The service provides ad impression delivery reports for national clients utilizing Canoe's VOD Dynamic Ad Insertion service. Canoe said it has committed to submit the service to an independent CPA firm engaged by the MRC. The completed audit will be reviewed by an MRC audit committee, which will make a recommendation on whether to accredit the service. ...Read the whole story

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