Thursday, February 7, 2013

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    • Tumblr Tests Real-Time NotificationsTech Crunch

      Tumblr this week is rolling out real-time notifications to users’ dashboards, so that, as TechCrunch explains, “you [the reader] have even more cat- and fashion-related content thrown in your face.” Despite its sarcastic tone, TechCrunch thinks the change is a smart move. “The thing that has kept Tumblr from being seen as a blogging platform is the fact that it stands pretty still, so an infusion of real-time will be interesting.”  ...Read the whole story


    The RTB 500 is a composite of the real-time price of media on 500 leading publishers. Index value shown is yesterday’s (Jan. 10, 2017) average. Change is compared to the previous day's average. Click to see the current value in real-time.

    Hyperbabble Watch: The Unique Triple Qualification Approach

    Thanks for the reception to Hyberbabble Watch. It seems to have hit a nerve across readers, even some tech-oriented PR types. As I explained to one of them, my goal isn't to tweak them so much ...More