The Six Hours Between Programmatic and Real Time
A lot can happen in six hours: You can fly from one coast to the other or run a marathon. You can even play in a Super Bowl or two! Mainstream DSPs can take six hours or more to report the media buys that were made on your behalf. Digital media vendors boast about the latest and greatest in real-time bidding, yet they are willing to label something that takes almost an entire workday "real time." That's as if a head football coach prepared a playbook, handed it off to his quarterback, got on a plane to London and then ...» 7 Comments
The Power Of People In Programmatic
If you're new to real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic marketing, it can all sound pretty daunting: algorithms, pixels, attribution modeling, data management platforms. The list goes on and on. And just when you thought it couldn't get more complicated, the latest chatter is all about how AI (artificial intelligence) is leading to a future where machines manage everything. The way people talk about it, you'd think Skynet from "The Terminator" was coming back to life to take over digital marketing.» 1 Comments
What Factors Are Influencing Programmatic's Growth?
MAGNA GLOBAL recently shared forecasts indicating massive investments in both RTB and programmatic premium in the coming years. Estimates forecast that by 2017, RTB and non-RTB based programmatic channels will account for 83% of US digital display ad spending, and programmatic sales will surpass traditional direct-to-publisher sales. So what is driving this growth?» 0 Comments
Five Best Practices For Mobile Programmatic Campaigns
Programmatic advertising is sweeping the digital landscape. While it's long been a staple in online, mobile programmatic bidding is taking off like a rocket -- and without third-party cookies to boot. According to IDC, mobile RTB spend in the U.S. is forecast to reach more than $2.9 billion by 2017. With a healthier budget, how can advertisers ensure they're taking the right approach? Check out our five best practices for your mobile programmatic campaigns.» 0 Comments
OMD's Ben Winkler Explains Programmatic's Branding Promise
Ben Winkler, chief digital officer/chief innovation officer at Omnicom's OMD Worldwide, sees a lot of potential for RTB at his agency. "It creates a greater focus for us on supply and partnering with some of our larger direct publishers," he explains. "That brings them closer to our business and to the business of our clients."» 1 Comments
Three Reasons Why Native Advertising Won't Scale For RTB
By now you've probably heard the hype: Native is going programmatic. New companies that promise to bring all the efficiency of RTB to native units seem to be sprouting up every day. It's a nice idea. As someone who loves seeing digital campaigns grow more efficient by using as much data as possible, I'm glad that people are experimenting with native campaigns at scale. There's only one problem: The whole concept doesn't make much sense.» 3 Comments
Data And Context for Brand Advertisers Flying Blind Today: Umbel's 'HO' Maycotte
Higinio "HO" Maycotte, CEO and founder of Umbel, a smart data company, is not the first to believe the future of media buying is data, but he is one of just a few pushing for more use of data in brand advertising for CMOs. Maycotte also believes that the future of media buying is heavily dependent on data.» 4 Comments
The End Of The Rube Goldberg Ad-Tech Stack
Advertisers, publishers and agencies need to reevaluate their ad-serving needs in the context of the big-data era. They will need to seriously consider ripping out their entire cobbled-together stack in favor of a unified, full-service solution that enables them to visualize their data, turn that unstructured data into useful information, make informed decisions, and act upon those decisions within a single platform.» 2 Comments
Forget CMOs -- Digital's Super Bowl Budgets Are Held By The CFO
Everyone in digital wants a nice piece of Super Bowl budget, but there's little to offer except for impressions. For digital to get a piece of the pie, marketers need to be able to show that they got both awareness and engagement, and that they get both with the desired audience. Right now, Super Bowl TV ads only provide awareness across a wide, untargeted swath of consumers. Marketers are failing to understand how programmatic can deliver targeted engagement across digital experiences.» 1 Comments
Programmatic Sophistication: OpenX's Cadogan Explains Rapidly Evolving RTB Landscape
Tim Cadogan, CEO of OpenX, has been involved in RTB since its beginning, and has seen the industry grow into a multibillion-dollar industry very quickly. However, there's more - much more - to come! Cadogan says the programmatic space is only just finishing its first phase, which lasted five years, and its second phase should be be another multiyear growth cycle, full of "what I call 'programmatic sophistication.' This phase will be even more exciting," he asserts.» 2 Comments
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