BuySellAds Scores Programmatic Media Deal With U.K.'s Kantar

Programmatic continues to gain traction in the Bay State. Boston start-up BuySellAds has scored a programmatic media-planning deal with U.K.-based Kantar Media. Under the deal, BuySellAds' ad inventory will be published on Kantar's subscription-based media-planning platform, which is used by more than 1,000 media agencies. Media planners will be able to buy ads directly from BuySellAds' marketplace using a programmatic insertion order system. ...More

  • What M&A Means For Programmatic Marketers

    The ad tech industry is always simmering with activity, and has been particularly active with M&As lately. This is (usually) great news for investors, executives, and similar companies and technologies that benefit from a valuation boost. But in ad tech, and especially programmatic, the untold story is what happens to clients. ...More

  • Interpublic Group Paid No Income Tax For Five Years

    Gee, wish I could say the same, but I guess somebody's got to pay for all those killer drones and non-functioning healthcare websites. And the Question of the Day: Is Bing dead? Far from it, according to a just out report from The Search Agency, which found that ad spend for the search engine spurted 60% in the first quarter of the year. Meanwhile, Mars has been renamed, and the WSJ takes a look at real-time marketing and its impact. ...More

  • Blab Predicts With 70% Accuracy Trending Topics 72 Hours In Advance

    The Seattle-based startup Blab wants to become the crystal ball of advertising. It created technology allowing brands to predict, with 70% accuracy, trending topics up to 72 hours in advance by analyzing social conversations. ...More

  • The Inevitability Of Viewability Should Be Driven By The Agency Buyer

    The IAB and the MRC are both leading the charge for viewability in display advertising, but the only way this initiative will take hold and work is if media-buying agencies get on board. As I've written in the past, the opposite of viewability, which is the current state of affairs in display, undermines the very fabric of the online display ecosystem. Advertisers are paying for billions of impressions that nobody will ever see, and these drive down performance as well as price (if there's no perceived value, then why pay a premium?). Brand marketers should be furious, but instead they're ...More

  • Marketers Still Not Thinking Mobile-First

    More than half (57%) of U.S. smartphone owners who see in-app ads find them interruptive, and only 20% think the ads are relevant to them, according to a new Forrester report on the future of mobile advertising. The smaller screen and user focus on utility means advertising content has to be immediate, simple and contextually relevant. ...More