• C3 Says Programmatic Is Missing Links, Big Brands Need To Focus On Upper Funnel To Survive

    When everything ad-related is happening in real-time, it's easy to lose track of where a sale actually started. In a funnel, online ad attribution company C3 Metrics says that brand awareness happens at the top, whereas the "lower funnel" is home to the point of sale. While the sale will always be important, C3 Metrics COO and Co-Founder Jeff Greenfield says big brands need to focus on the "upper funnel" in order to survive. In layman terms: In order for brands to continue existing in a real-time media world, they need to shift their focus from rapid sales to the ...Read the whole story

Google's Universal Analytics Set To Transform Online Marketing

The most exciting change brought about by Universal Analytics is the inclusion of more data. While a vast trove of data can be overwhelming to some, anyone who has worked with Google Analytics is aware of its shortcomings. Its lack of transparency has led some marketers to assume certain things about how consumers interact with their Web sites. Making assumptions with data is a recipe for disaster, whether you're conducting a simple science experiment or analyzing a multichannel online marketing campaign. ...More

  • Differentiation Creates Value

    If column inches and growth rates are any indication, 2012 will go down as the Year of Real-Time Bidding (RTB). Truth is, RTB is great for buyers who want to efficiently acquire cheap audiences at scale. However, by its very nature, RTB shoehorns everyone's inventory into the same mold so that algorithms will have consistent data for decision-making. The problem is that this one-size-fits-all approach actually fits nobody and is the first step in a race to the bottom for CPMs. ...More