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Can Machines Manage Brand Engagement?

Relevant, contextual marketing is the stuff that is read, watched, and shared. And if certain elements of more "native'" approaches become programmatic, they will cease to be "custom" and will lose value to both consumers and marketers. So while sometimes it feels like the advertising world is headed for a future connected by a Matrix and filled with Terminator machines, human creativity still plays a vital role in creating emotional connections between brands and consumers. ...More

  • Real-Time Bidding: The Next Round

    As it pertains to display advertising, owning RTB infrastructure is quickly emerging as the ticket to the "next round." This means having the bidders, cookie stores, and big-data chops to earn a seat on an exchange and respond to bid requests within 50 ms, without having to use a middleman or license another DSP's technology. ...More

  • Targeted Serendipity: Thinking Harder About 'Relevance'

    'Relevance' can be so tightly and literally defined that marketers can eliminate an important activity every consumer craves: discovery. Macy's is thinking hard about how to target but also satisfy larger brand goals for being entertaining. ...More