• SteelHouse Results Show Real-Time Offers Are Real Big

    Online advertising and marketing tech company SteelHouse announced that brands that used their "Real Time Offers" technology saw a 21% increase in click-through rates and quadrupled conversion. SteelHouse's announcement gets added to a long list of companies that have had recent success using real-time media. "Relying on only standard display and retargeting ads to message our potential customers doesn't cut it anymore," stated Caitlin Romig, digital marketing lead at Rosetta Stone. "The market has changed." ...Read the whole story

  • Real-Time With Jason Fairchild: OpenX CRO Rounds Up Latest Round

    Last week, OpenX Software announced a $22.5 million round of funding. New investor Samsung led the round, which brought OpenX's total venture funding to date to more than $70 million. RTM Daily spoke with OpenX Chief Revenue Officer Jason Fairchild about the funding to see what the company had planned. OpenX Market, OpenX's RTB exchange, was launched in 2009. Fairchild says, "We saw the power of it immediately. We are firm believers in RTB, and not just how it exists today." He said that OpenX believed that automated trading would be the future of media, and said, "it really has ...Read the whole story

  • Are Video And RTB Ready For Each Other? Well, Sort Of

    The final panel at last week's OMMA RTB was a "Grill the Vendors" session on the relationship between video and RTB. The title of the panel asked: Are video and RTB ready for each other? The panelists all believe that video and RTB are ready for each other, but there needs to be a shift in perception before the connection happens the way everyone envisions. Anthony Risicato, GM, VideoHub, believes that the lack of transparency in the RTB space has it aiming in the wrong direction. "If we go down the RTB path we are currently going down, which is ...Read the whole story

Can Machines Manage Brand Engagement?

Relevant, contextual marketing is the stuff that is read, watched, and shared. And if certain elements of more "native'" approaches become programmatic, they will cease to be "custom" and will lose value to both consumers and marketers. So while sometimes it feels like the advertising world is headed for a future connected by a Matrix and filled with Terminator machines, human creativity still plays a vital role in creating emotional connections between brands and consumers. ...More

  • Canadians Skeptical of Social Media for Shopping

    Canadian consumers use social media for researching products, but still prefer to do their shopping in brick-and-mortar retail venues, according to a PricewaterhouseCooper's "2013 Global Multi-Channel Retail Survey" for Canada. ...More