• RTB Video Growing at 18% Per Month As Display Falls

    Using data aggregated from a variety of exchanges, programmatic video ad buying platform TubeMogul discovered that RTB video in the U.S. was at an all-time high last month. They discovered that in-stream video ads available for RTB averaged over one billion streams per day in the U.S. This new data was stacked up against display inventory, which, while still ahead of RTB, is shrinking. The video ads available for RTB are growing at just under 18% per month, while the display inventory is shrinking about 8% per month. Hopefully, the rapid growth of available space will force smarter decisions. If ...Read the whole story

  • Mamarella Named North American Chief At 24/7's Media Innovation Group

    Media Innovation Group, the digital strategy and marketing unit of WPP's 24/7 Media, has named Michael Mamarella general Manager-North America and Nicky McShane managing director-Europe. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Emerges As Madison Avenue's Top Media Brand, A First For A Pure-Play Digital Supplier

    A digital media company -- Google -- ranks as the highest in terms of Madison Avenue's overall brand perception for the first time in an annual survey of advertisers and agency executives. The results, which are being released today as part of the "What Advertisers Think About The Industry's Highest Rated Media Brands," is based on the opinions of more than 2,000 advertisers and agency executives polled by Advertiser Perceptions Inc. ...Read the whole story

Ripening The Real-Time Vine: 6 Seconds To Marketing Glory

Vine, the new six-second video-sharing app from Twitter, is -- in a word -- exploding. Why, you might ask, is Vine "more" real-time than other social apps and services? Six seconds, like 140 characters, is real-time by design. And that's why it's so important to contemplate from a real-time marketing perspective. ...More

  • Separating Mobile From Portable Targets

    In order to grow up, mobile advertising needs to distinguish smartphone from tablets. Moods, modes and the necessary messaging on each platform are quite different. It is not all "mobile." ...More

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