Tuesday, March 30, 2010
  • Owning Google Sitelinks Brand Terms Becomes Paid Search Tactic

    Google Sitelinks has become a strategy for companies looking to protect brand-related keywords against retailers or competitors attempting to outbid them for online traffic and terms. Target consumers with paid-search sponsored listings allow companies to segment campaigns and direct traffic to landing pages that could drive up sales. ...Read the whole story

    Privacy Rules Only Apply to New Products

    Let's face it: Facebook is a privacy disaster. From the Beacon disaster to Zuckerberg brazenly declaring that nobody wants privacy anymore (and that's why we're now supplying all your data to search engines), FB has led ...More

    • The Era Of APIs

      But why should search marketers care about the unfolding era of the API (application programming interfaces)? Quite simply, because APIs are at work reshaping the ways in which we understand search today, and will challenge our ...More