Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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  • Google Close To HUD Glasses9to5Google

    Sci-fi folly or revolutionary interface, Google appears to be one step closer to releasing “wearable head-up displays,” or HUD glasses. “Google might actually release this product as [a] beta-pilot program to people outside of Google -- and soon,” reports 9to5Google. No doubt, “wearable technology is on the rise,” CNet writes. “Not only is Google working on these sorts of products, but so is Apple, Recon Instruments, and Motorola.” Yet, public tests shouldn’t be mistaken for outright confidence on Google’s part. Rather, “Google is apparently unsure if [the glasses] will have mass-market appeal,” 9to5Google suggests. The glasses will reportedly have a small front-facing camera ... ...Read the whole story

  • How To Upload Multiple Negative Keywords Simultaneously Into adCenter

    In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Felicia Coover tells us about her love/hate relationship with Microsoft adCenter, and provides several editing tips on how to upload multiple negative keywords simultaneously. Thinking she had to insert each keyword into its ad groups individually, Coover set out to discover a way to better manage her time. Yes -- she asked Microsoft adCenter for help. She shares her findings, starting with tips on gathering information. She alsotakes us through prepping the data and uploading it into adCenter. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple Siri Relies on Wolfram Alpha For AnswersNew York Times

    Wolfram Alpha will roll out Wednesday phase two with the ability to understand data and images in the way that search engines typically understand text queries. Steve Lohr tells us that Siri accounts for about 25% of the queries that Wolfram Alpha files. Apple isn't alone when it comes to licensing the technology. Lohr explains that Microsoft also licenses Wolfram Alpha technology. ...Read the whole story

  • Finding FollowersKISSmetrics

    Building authority can help raise quality scores. Kristi Hines believes sites like Quora help help. She gives us five reasons why marketers should use Quora, such as the ability to give direct answers to anyone asking about the company's business, products, or services. Social sites tend to work well to drive traffic to a company's Web site -- especially companies focused on serving other businesses. Hines runs through tactics for marketing, analytics, reputation management and more.  ...Read the whole story

  • Don't Ignore Designing A Google+ SEO StrategySearch Engine Journal

    Search on the keywords "social media" in, press search and in the right rail you'll find a list of people and pages on Google+. A little line at the bottom of the three entries reads: "Learn how you could appear here too." Neil Patel believes, for this reason, that marketers can't ignore the importance of optimizing for Google+. He explains that signing up for an account will not send the listing to the top, and provides insight on optimizing profiles and circles, as well as how to format headline posts and content.  ...Read the whole story

  • Google Offering Cash For Consumer Insights Search Engine Land
  • Why Integrate Data In SearchadCenter Blog
  • Global SEO Strategy For International CompaniesClickZ
  • 5 great jobs and 6 great company startup ideas for people with Search ...ITworld
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