Friday, April 13, 2012
  • Mobile Key To Google Ad Strategies

    Mobile is quickly becoming the "backbone" to advertising strategies, with Google+, the "social spine" supporting Gmail, YouTube, Wallet and other applications for about 170 million users. That's what Larry Page, Google co-founder, told investors during the company's first quarter 2012 earnings call Thursday. ...Read the whole story

  • Search Agency Romances Google's ZMOT Theory

    The Search Agency has begun to develop business strategies and metrics to measure the concept created by Jim Lecinski, managing director of U.S. sales at Google. That idea -- the zero moment of truth (ZMOT) -- emerged last year as an offshoot of Procter & Gamble's "the first moment of truth." ...Read the whole story

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    • Does The General Population Know About SEO?SEO Book

      Aaron Wall has been running a series of survey questions related to search engine marketing. This one attempts to determine whether the general public knows more about paid search and AdWords compared with search engine optimization and link building. He explains that one of the major issues with that question involves the numerous check boxes or possibilities for answers. Wall also explores other questions, such as which gender and age group have a greater awareness of SEO. ...Read the whole story

    • Microsoft Research Thinks Wearable TechnologyMicrosoft Advertising Blog

      Similar to Google, Microsoft has been working on developing wearable technology. Steve Clayton tells us about how the research group has been looking at putting technology into clothing and how to use human skin as an input and conductive surface. For those following the growth of semiconductors and radio frequency technology in the electronics space, these concepts are not new -- but integrating technology with social computing changes the vision. ...Read the whole story

    • Heads Up On adCenter Broad MatchSearch Engine Watch

      Marketers could get significant improvements on both average positions and click-through rates in search campaigns with the introduction by Microsoft adCenter of an AdWords-like Modified Broad Match tool, according to Marc Poirier. He definces broad match modifiers, and explains how to make the most of phrases and bid strategies, and how marketers may want to think about protecting brand terms. ...Read the whole story

    • Finding New Search MetricsSearch Engine Watch

      Converging social media and digital channels will take some getting used to for marketers. Costs related to actions and acquisitions will also be the ultimate metric, but how marketers get there will continue to change. Andy Betts serves up screen shots and details on seven new ideas -- such as matching value to traditional SEO metrics -- that will help marketers measure the value of media.  ...Read the whole story

    • Guiding Through SEO Web Site Architecture DesignCoconut Headphones

      Ted Ives describes the "theoretical basis" of several SEO design principles, so marketers can understand not only how to apply them, but why it matters. The principles for Web site architecture include "Mapping Keywords to Content," "Siloing," "Keeping Your Website Shallow," "PageRank Sculpting," and "Internal Anchor Text Sculpting." He said these principles are important because designers are in full control of how a Web site gets organized, which can support links to the site. ...Read the whole story

    • How One SMB Gained Positive Results From AutomationMarketingSherpa

      Marketing automation software has become a staple for business-to-business marketers because it makes the job of tracking, nurturing leads and qualifying leads for sales easier, compared with manually going through the process, according to David Kirkpatrick. But for small- to mid-sized businesses, these tools may be too expensive and may require an extended contract. Kirkpatrick tells us about one SMB that found a viable solution and got positive results. ...Read the whole story

    • Onward Search PPC Jobs Salary Guide Spotlights Top US Markets for Job SeekersDigital Game Developer
    • Onward Search PPC Jobs Salary Guide Spotlights Top US Markets for Job SeekersDigital Game Developer
    • Onward Search PPC Jobs Salary Guide Spotlights Top US Markets for Job SeekersDigital Game Developer
    • Onward Search PPC Jobs Salary Guide Spotlights Top US Markets for Job SeekersDigital Game Developer
    Measurement-Driven Marketer

    Paul Matsen, chief marketing officer at Cleveland Clinic, a highly rated non-profit academic medical center, recently answered a few questions in advance of his address at the ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference, May 6-9, in Boca ...More