• Yahoo, Microsoft Promise To Support SMBs With New Services

    Yahoo and Microsoft have added small- and medium-sized business services, each launching their own version and rebranding tools. Yahoo Small Business will introduce the Marketing Dashboard for SMBs, filled with free features and premium paid services to analyze metrics and competitive analysis. ...Read the whole story

Enough With The Attribution Excuses

Just get on with it already. You've thought about it. You've made excuses. You know it's time. As a search marketer, you need to get off last-click attribution. Ahh... last-click attribution. Like any addictive drug, it gets you hooked and is hard to give up. But, like any addictive drug, the fun days are over, and now, if you don't quit, you will only see the negative consequences. ...More

  • A Glass Half Mindful, Half Social

    What if you didn't need a mobile phone to share content? What if you could share your literal point of view? What if "always on" didn't just mean an Internet connection that was constantly active, but referred to a device you wore that was always on you, ready to share your thoughts practically as soon as they came to mind? That's the idea behind Project Glass, Google's latest foray into hardware. ...More

  • Report Shows Google Should Have Known About Wi-Spy

    When the Federal Communications Commission fined Google for impeding a probe of the Wi-Spy debacle, the agency blacked out large sections of its 25-page report. Google has now released a more complete version of that report -- and it shows that the Street Car snooping shouldn't have been a surprise to company executives. ...More

  • Search Insider Summit: It's All Fun and Games When You're Buzzing!

    Last week was the 13th running of the Search Insider Summit, AKA -- as I once made the mistake of referring to it and and am still reminded by my wife every time I leave her and my three kids to go -- summer camp for search geeks. As I had done for each of the last 11 outings, I tracked the official SIS buzz-o-meter to capture the focus of the content and jargon of the campers, er... attendees. This go-round proved to be quite buzz-worthy, even by SIS standards. Let's just say it was DataPoppin'! ...More