• Google: More Domain Names Can Expand Service Options

    Google said Thursday it submitted applications for more than 50 top level domain names (TLDs) for .google, .docs, .youtube, and .lol to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The goal to expand the Web's suffixes could allow the company to offer a variety of new services related to emerging technologies, such as Project Glass, and original programming on YouTube. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Shopping Turns Free Search Into Paid

    Google could gain a financial boost from paid advertisers looking to improve product search results on Google Shopping, but not all online ad experts agree the change will prove positive for merchants. In fact, it could complicate matters because the new product combines product feeds with paid results. ...Read the whole story

  • From Free To Paid, Google Shifts Shopping Strategy

    Google is taking the wraps off Google Shopping, launching a new initiative it says will make it easier for smaller retailers to connect with consumers, and easier for shoppers to find the products they want. ...Read the whole story

Retailers: Leverage All Your Data For Successful Search Campaigns

Retailers, more than most marketers, have a wealth of data and information at their fingertips. Retailers also have more product, geographical, and inventory diversity than marketers in other industries. Thus, being able to leverage all data is crucial. By leveraging your data across all aspects of paid search optimization you can do some amazing things. ...More

  • Will Google X Get Google's Mojo Back?

    What do you do when the search engine you started up with your fellow uber-geek partner makes you fabulously wealthy, but somehow all the billions it's raking in leaves you feeling rather empty? Well, if you're Sergey Brin, you find a new toy. You leave the mind-numbingly mundane business of running a multibillion-dollar mega-corporation to your power-tripping co-founder, and you lock yourself away in an undisclosed office somewhere in Silicon Valley, spending your day playing with robots, space elevators, virtual reality glasses and self-driving cars. ...More

  • Authors Guild Wins Round In Class-Action Against Google

    In a defeat for Google, a federal judge ruled today that the Authors Guild can continue with its lawsuit accusing the search giant of infringing copyright by digitizing books and displaying snippets of them. ...More