Friday, June 1, 2012
  • Google: More Domain Names Can Expand Service Options

    Google said Thursday it submitted applications for more than 50 top level domain names (TLDs) for .google, .docs, .youtube, and .lol to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The goal to expand the Web's suffixes could allow the company to offer a variety of new services related to emerging technologies, such as Project Glass, and original programming on YouTube. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Shopping Turns Free Search Into Paid

    Google could gain a financial boost from paid advertisers looking to improve product search results on Google Shopping, but not all online ad experts agree the change will prove positive for merchants. In fact, it could complicate matters because the new product combines product feeds with paid results. ...Read the whole story

  • From Free To Paid, Google Shifts Shopping Strategy

    Google is taking the wraps off Google Shopping, launching a new initiative it says will make it easier for smaller retailers to connect with consumers, and easier for shoppers to find the products they want. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Google Accuses Microsoft, Nokia Of Using Patent TrollsReuters

      In advance of similar pleas to U.S. regulators, Google has filed an antitrust complaint in Europe arguing that Microsoft and Nokia are using patent “trolls” -- or proxy companies -- to wield patents and hurt Android. “The Internet-search giant alleges that Microsoft and Nokia have entered into agreements that enable entities such as Canada-based Mosaid Technologies Inc. to legally enforce their patent rights and share the resulting revenue,” reports The Wall Street Journal. “Google argues that it's launching the complaint as an early defensive measure,” Engadgetreports. “Google's accusations highlight current cut-throat competition in the mobile phone business where companies, including Nokia, are ... ...Read the whole story

    • Data: Google's Personalized Search Starving FacebookThe Verge

      Supporting the suspicions of some, new data shows that since Google launched its "Search, plus Your World" feature in January, traffic from Google to Facebook fan pages has dropped. When SPYW debuted, Web watchers speculated that, by prioritizing Google+ search results, it would have a negative impact on SEO traffic to competing social networks, i.e., Facebook. The new study, from analytics provider PageLever, centered around a sample of 500 Facebook fan pages -- each with a minimum of 100,000 fans -- focusing on external referrals from both Bing and Google. Between April of last year and January 9 -- a ... ...Read the whole story

    • Paid Links ExposedWebProNews

      Chris Crum tells us that Google de-indexed iAcquire from its search results for engaging in paid links for clients. The company openly admits to receiving financial compensation from developing custom and "unique off-page SEO strategies." He points to a blog post and a Twitter conversation, providing additional insight. ...Read the whole story

    • Search Rankings In Social Media ScoresSearch Engine Watch

      It's not who you know online, but rather what you know and how many people you can influence across social networks and blogs. Lisa Buyer tells us about getting scored, ranked and labeled across Klout, PeerIndex, Kred, and Percollate, and how companies want readers  to vote and comment on posts. She explains how to turn these tools into a brand strategy, and ways to improve scores. ...Read the whole story

    • Euro Commission Warns Google To Play FairGuardian

      In other EU-based, Google-related news, Europe's antitrust chief has given the search giant until early July to propose changes to its search results and ad rules or face a court battle, and the threat of huge fines. “Joaquin Almunia, the head of competition policy, has set out in a private letter the European commission's concerns on how Google's dominance -- where in Europe it has about 90% of searches -- could be harming competition,” The Guardian reports. The threat of government regulation is nothing new for Google, as it faces similar perils at home, as well as in France, Germany, ... ...Read the whole story

    • French Court Rules On YouTube ContentSearch Engine Watch
    • Social Bing Becomes Only Bing In TownWeb Pro News
    • Comment Marketing Techniques Without Being SpammySEOmoz
    • Snapshot Comes To BingBing Search Blog
    • Kevin Rose Joins Google VenturesAll Things D
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    • Authors Guild Wins Round In Class-Action Against Google

      In a defeat for Google, a federal judge ruled today that the Authors Guild can continue with its lawsuit accusing the search giant of infringing copyright by digitizing books and displaying snippets of them. ...More