• Twitter Hires LinkedIn Pro To Improve Real-Time Search, Ads

    Marketers have continually questioned Twitter's ability to produce a viable search engine. They may soon get their answer. John Wang, former search engineer at LinkedIn, joined the real-time social marketing site to work on the "next-generation Twitter search infrastructure" as a software engineer working on open-source projects. ...Read the whole story

Taking Time To Stretch

A close friend and mentor of mine once told me his key to successful public speaking: "The trick isn't in finding a new topic; the trick is to find a new audience." I've put that advice to use on a few occasions, and when the topic is search I've developed a good, repeatable story. I'm comfortable with the subject matter, which allows me to be confident in the delivery. But as good as this advice is in the short term, it clearly isn't viable forever. Things change, and new subjects become popular as the interest level in familiar ones diminishes. ...More