Tuesday, June 19, 2012
  • Twitter Hires LinkedIn Pro To Improve Real-Time Search, Ads

    Marketers have continually questioned Twitter's ability to produce a viable search engine. They may soon get their answer. John Wang, former search engineer at LinkedIn, joined the real-time social marketing site to work on the "next-generation Twitter search infrastructure" as a software engineer working on open-source projects. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Google Preparing For Another Antitrust Fight?The Precursor Blog

      Scott Cleland points to the antitrust implications of Google's ICANN application process for more than 100 top-level domain names. He explains why the word "monopoly" rolls off his tongue when talking about the additional power of controlling the allocation of new keyword domain names that Google would index for publishers, rank for users, and monetize for advertisers. What are the antitrust implications? Cleland tells us. It begins with Google's ability to convince companies to redesign their Web site's architecture based on optimization techniques, but it doesn't stop there, he writes. ...Read the whole story

    • Google Rewards AffiliatesGoogle Inside Adsense

      The Google Affiliate Network, a free program, allows Web publishers to connect with advertisers and be rewarded for driving conversions. Google introduced Tuesday more than 50 promotions from U.S. advertisers for the Affiliate Network. Posting an exclusive promotion on a site allows publishers to earn a performance fee when site visitors click through and make a purchase. The promotions become available June 22. ...Read the whole story

    • Apple, Google Ask Homeowners To Smile At The SkyARS Technica

      Senator Charles Schumer expressed his concerns in a letter to Apple and Google, arguing that hyper-detailed images of people's backyards and other objects could pose a threat to both privacy and national security, according to Jacqui Cheng. Google highlighted plans recently to use a fleet of planes to support aerial photography for its 3D mapping technology. Schumer called it "military-grade spy planes." The letter requests that the two companies notify the communities in advance and automatically blur the photos of individuals, as well as provide an opt-out for property owners so their homes don't appear on the maps. ...Read the whole story

    • Google Sharing More Private Data With FedsForbes

      Raising online privacy issues, Google appears to be working closer than ever with government authorities. In the second half of 2011, U.S. government agencies, including law enforcement, put in 6,321 requests with Google for consumers’ private data, according to the latest update to the search giant’s bi-annual Transparency Report. What’s more, Google said it complied at least partially with requests in 93% of the cases. “That’s up from 5,950 requests in the first half of 2011, and marks a 37% increase in the number of requests over the second half of 2010, when Google received only 4,601 government requests and ... ...Read the whole story

    Taking Time To Stretch

    A close friend and mentor of mine once told me his key to successful public speaking: "The trick isn't in finding a new topic; the trick is to find a new audience." I've put that advice ...More