Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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  • Google Shutters More ServicesGoogle Blog

    Since last fall, Google has closed or combined more than 30 of its products. Earlier this week, the company listed several sevices it would shuttter. On that latest list marketers will find the closure of iGoogle on Nov. 1, Google Talkchat, and Symbian Search App to focus efforts on mobile Web search. Matt Eichner explains the situation and provides alternatives for the listed apps. ...Read the whole story

  • The Link Between 'God Particle' And SearchThe Next Web

    What does the discovery of the "God Particle" have to do with search engine optimization? Not much -- other than the two are linked through discoveries at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Sir Tim Berners Lee developed the World Wide Web (WWW) at CERN. Online marketers know they would have chosen another career if not for the WWW. The Next Web links to the press release and explains the Higgs boson particle, part of The Standard Model of particle physics theory, a set of rules describing how scientists understand the building blocks for the universe. ...Read the whole story

  • Meet The Google Now Personal Voice AssistantGoogle Now

    Google Now, the Mountain View, Calif. company's personal assistant, will debut later this month along with Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. It serves up information on the phone running Google's operating system related to weather, traffic, appointments, travel, flights, public transit, places, and sports. Based on current location and Web history, the service provides information like traffic conditions and alternate routes before leaving the house for work. For example, when near a subway station, Google Now serves up information on the next trains. ...Read the whole story

  • SEO Guidelines For Robots.txtRimm-Kaufman Group

    Adam Audette presents another view on using robots.txt file applications. He lays out the two typical opposing schools of thought before offering up insight and five best practices into his own. The advice ranges from never using the robots.txt file to handle duplicate content to never using robots.txt to omit URLs from being displayed in Google's search engine. ...Read the whole story

  • SEO Performance-Based PricingRimm-Kaufman Group

    George Michie brings up some concerns around performance-based pricing linked to a new way to do Web site conversion optimization. The model, supported by dynamic creative and machine learning, presents a new way to continually optimize against unaltered Web pages where the advertiser only pays a percentage of the lift in conversion. Michie reveals and shares some downsides to the model, from latency to redundant practices. ...Read the whole story

  • Tracking SEO SuccessClickZ
  • Google, Facebook Prepare For Malware MondaySymantec
  • WSJ: Google Settling With FTC Over Privacy BreachThe Wall Street Journal
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  • Is Clickthrough Rate Still A Good Measure For Success?

    My good friend Jason Falls posted on LinkedIn last week, in response to recently released Facebook Ads engagement data: "More statistics emerging on Facebook advertising statistics. I still am baffled that marketers are so lathered up ...More