Thursday, August 2, 2012
  • Study: Google Pricier Than YP Per Call

    Google's price per call for AdWords advertisers cost nearly twice as much for local ads on, according to a study released Wednesday. The findings suggest the average for AdWords and YP cost $88 and $46, respectively. ...Read the whole story

  • U.S. Advertising To Lead Global Mobile Ad Spend

    It's no easy task for North America to surpass Asia-Pacific, which supports a strong telecommunications mobile infrastructure, but marketers in the U.S. will spend more on mobile advertising this year and outpace others worldwide in 2013, per new estimates from eMarketer. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • YouTube Supports Investigative News ChannelThe Bay Citizen

      The Center for Investigative Reporting has launched a news channel on YouTube with help from Google. The organization is working with The New York Times, BBC, ABC, Al-Jazeera and the Investigative News Network to bring content to iFiles. The YouTube channel went live Thursday. ...Read the whole story

    • Stone Temple Talks Social With BingStone Temple

      Eric Engage talks with Bing's Stefan Weitz on the value of social signals in search results. In a one-on-one interview they discuss Bing's integration with Foursquare, social media in general and possibilities of expanding connections with other social sites, and how social might influence search ranking factors. ...Read the whole story

    • Attribution Modeling In Google AnalyticsSearch Engine People

      Attribution modeling provides online marketers with a roadmap to conversion values. Google Analytics Premium now offers an Attribution Modeling tool. Kristian Lauritsen guides us through how to use it, suggesting segmenting queries, setting up Google Analytics, and sorting through data and insights. Lauritsen tells us that while the examples are based on AdWords and paid-search marketing, the concept can also easily be applied to SEO and other marketing channels. ...Read the whole story

    • AdMob Ads In Google CodeGoogle Ads Developer Blog

      For those interested in building 2D games for iOS there's Google's framework cocos2d for the iPhone. It's about getting AdMob ads to work in this Google code. A little techie, but for those in need, Google takes us through two necessary processes for getting autorotation to work using v0.99.5b3 or higher in framework. ...Read the whole story

    Three Catalysts For Healthy Social Networks

    Look at any graphic representation of a social network, and you will see a somewhat globular cluster of nodes -- and, at the center, you'll find the subject or owner of the network. The density of ...More