• Google Acquires Frommer, Ups Social's Influence On Search

    Google will acquire the travel assets of publisher John Wiley & Sons. The Frommer brand, known for its series of travel guidebooks and hotel reviews, likely will roll out Zagat and Google Local services. Reviews will play a major part in search engine rankings and content. ...Read the whole story

  • Making Mobile Security A Snap

    SnapMyLife, a company that develops cloud-service applications for consumers, is launching a first salvo in a bid to gain an early foothold in this growing market with a new television, direct marketing and social media campaign that breaks this week. ...Read the whole story

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Finding That 'Moment Of Truth'

The first "moment of truth" occurs at the shelf, before you buy and experience the product. Google suggests there may even be a "zero moment of truth" before the shelf, via all the digital devices in our lives. While we are learning to manage this zero moment of truth, we seem to have left the first moment unaddressed. ...More