Monday, September 10, 2012
  • Mobile, Social Registers Rise In Cybercrime

    Symantec has released a cybercrime report showing increases in malicious activity in mobile and social networks, as Google acquires cybersecurity startup VirusTotal, which focuses on protecting Internet services supported by Android devices. A report estimates 1.5 million consumers affected daily at an average cost of $197 per victim. ...Read the whole story

  • Undertone Brings Audience Guarantees To Online Video, Offers Cash-Back Unless Ads Are User-Initiated

    As the lines continue to blur between conventional TV and online video advertising, yet another TV ad convention is going online: upfront audience guarantees. In what is believed to be a first-of-its-kind offer, Undertone has quietly begun guaranteeing advertisers delivery of the most premium online advertising video formats: so-called "user-initiated" video ads. But unlike conventional TV audience guarantees, which normally provide advertisers "makegood" audience impressions, Undertone's new Video Guarantee will give cash-back to advertisers for campaigns that do not deliver the audiences they contracted for. ...Read the whole story

  • New Apache 'Patch' Nixes Microsoft's Do-Not-Track Setting

    A computer programmer has written a "patch" for Apache's software that renders Microsoft's upcoming do-not-track command ineffective. ...Read the whole story

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    • Three Landing Page Tips You Might Have OverlookedKISSmetrics

      Marketers should know the elements to test on a landing page. It's not such a farfetched concept. Three elements some marketers overlook point to placement of the call-to-action button, the button copy, and the amount of information on a landing page. Michael Lykke Aagaard guides us through each point, providing tips on using statistical content, keeping facts short and accurate, and making sure the button copy remains relevant to the topic. ...Read the whole story

    • How To Analyze Twitter FollowersSEOmoz

      After acquiring Followerwonk, Rand Fishkin explains how to grow a Twitter follower, search inside the app for specific users, compare followers and follows that overlap, analyze followers for details and stats, and track your followers for wins and losses. He takes us through the Bio Search feature, options for geographic targeting, and the ability to analyze followers. ...Read the whole story

    • Could One Paid-Search Ad Give Consumers Landing Page Options?EW

      A lot of hype last week around the Google Star Trek Doodle celebrating the 46th anniversary of the original TV broadcast highlights one question. Do marketers automate paid-search landing pages based on keyword queries and geographic location; and if not, why not? The Doodle presented more than one path to conversion, which began with Star Trek characters in a room and ended with the Starship Enterprise flying across the sky followed by the keyword "Google." While the initial screen and the conversion repeatedly produced the same effect for all, the path to conversion differed and had to somewhat personalize each ... ...Read the whole story

    • Designer Puts Google Glasses On CatwalkGizmodo

      Oh, the crazy things they make models wear. In a cross-promotional, buzz-building stunt, models walking in Diane von Furstenberg’s fall runway show wore Google Glass on Sunday, while the designer’s team has been testing the “smart glasses” for the last week.  What are the critics saying? “Google glasses look dumb enough that you might expect to get beaten up for wearing them,” according to Gizmodo. “But they've now made an appearance at New York Fashion Week and... they still look dorky, even on super models.” “Honestly, everything at Fashion Week is so weird and heavily sponsored anyway that this doesn't ... ...Read the whole story

    • Emma Watson Is Online Public Enemy No. 1 Computer Business Review

      Harry Potter star Emma Watson has been named the most dangerous celebrity on the internet by security firm McAfee. The McAfee report revealed that Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, is the celebrity most used by cyber crooked to lure people into downloading malicious software. An online search for Watson has a one-in-eight chance of landing on a malware-infested website. Users adding phrases such as "nude pictures" and "free downloads" are more likely to end up on a dodgy site. ...Read the whole story

    10 Ways To Survive The Google Shopping Transition

    Back in May, Google announced that its newly branded Google Shopping service would soon become an exclusively paid service in which product listings are ranked by a combination of bid price and relevance. Google positioned the ...More

    • Go Mobile, Or Go Home

      With consumer adoption of smartphones continuing to grow at an unprecedented speed, by now most email marketers will agree that optimizing campaigns for mobile devices is a key priority. But what is the best way to ...More