• Amazing Zuck: A Song Of Social Media Grace
    In the United States, Thanksgiving is a day of.... well, giving thanks. It's also a time for tradition, whether that's being with family, eating turkey, watching football, or scrambling to finalize Black Friday campaigns. In the spirit of the holiday, I thought I'd resume my time-honored tradition of covering songs in MediaPost columns.
  • Local Relevance Is The Future Of Facebook For National Brands
    New research suggests that 45% of online Americans currently keep in touch with local businesses by following them on Facebook. In line with this fact, Facebook has made multiple changes to its Business Pages this year, improving them for both local businesses and consumers and revamping its mobile app in September. Hidden inside all this new opportunity for small businesses lies new opportunity for big brands, too.
  • 10 Ways To Make Your TV Strategy More Social -- And Vice Versa
    Social network advertising may be less than 5% of total global media spend - $25 billion out of $570 billion in 2015, per eMarketer - but it has a dramatic impact on all media, especially the ~40% going to television. Here are 10 ways to make your TV strategy more social, and vice versa:
  • Instagram Advertising: 5 Steps to a Successful Launch
    So you're ready to start advertising on Instagram? Great. Where do you start? This is new territory for everyone, including display advertising veterans. Here's a strategy to get your brand into the water and swimming in this new, highly nuanced and aesthetically discerning environment.
  • Fresh Google Ad Tech Brings New Dimension Of Relevance
    Almost 15 years ago, Google launched its AdWords business, revolutionizing the world of Web advertising and liberating users from the uninformed digital Stone Age. AdWords gave advertisers the power of context by offering them the opportunity to respond instantly to users' search intent. Last week, the search giant launched arguably the most powerful update to Google advertising since AdWords was introduced.
  • The 10 People You Meet At Trade Shows
    In my last column, "If Social Networks Were Real People," I introduced you to Facebook Felicia, Twitter Tommy, LinkedIn Larry, Pinterest Penny, Instagram Izzy, Snapchat Sam, and Google+ Gertrude. By creating personas for the top social networks, we unveiled key marketing opportunities with each platform. Today, let's continue the persona development theme and wrap it around the types of people you meet at industry conferences. Just making sure you'll be equipped to survive and thrive at your next show.
  • The Ad-Blocking War Will Leave Us Stronger
    Tech innovation is a blood sport, and the fight for digital ad quality and deliverability has taken center stage in the minds of many advertisers, publishers and ad-tech providers this week. With the arrival of support for ad-blocking software in the popular Safari mobile browser, the debate about the ethics of ad blocking has grown louder. Ad blockers are not new in advertising and the sky is not falling - though it seems things really could be changing. The real question in the back of everyone's minds is, "Whose proverbial stock is on the rise in the wake of iOS ...
  • If Social Networks Were Real People
    In marketing we often use personas to help frame our strategy and tactics. We create human profiles and ascribe real attributes, sometimes even real names, to them as a way to understand our target audiences and what make them tick. For many marketers, it can be a challenge keeping up with the various social networks, much less the people we're trying to reach through them. So I thought it might be fun to create personas for each of the major social media properties. Keep in mind these personas are meant to represent the companies themselves, not their founders, employees, or ...
  • Three Signs Digital Marketing Is Facing A Social Tsunami
    These days, the term "social network" almost feels campy. Consumers are using the social Web for everything from ordering pizza to deciding how to vote to finding a place to live. Pretty much every social activity that a human could want to engage in can now be done on a mobile device or through the browser. So here are three signs that getting good at social marketing and advertising will pay off in a much bigger way very soon.
  • Best Practices For Facebook's New Accelerated Delivery Technology
    Facebook recently introduced a new technology designed to help brands and agencies deliver Facebook advertising faster than ever. By selecting accelerated delivery during campaign setup, you can now tell Facebook to spend the budget and deliver the ads as quickly as possible, without losing control of the overall budget cap. When accelerated delivery is used, Facebook enters the full bid amount to help advertisers win more auctions earlier in their campaigns.
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