• Co-Consuming Content Comes Of Age
    "Co-consumption" is the driving premise of the Airtime video chat app that launched last spring and is now pushing to expand its user base and enhance its features.
  • Why Can't We All Be Different?
    Smartphones can "become weapons" and can have "devastating effects," says anti-bullying activist Gabriella van Rij, who would like to see marketers celebrate our unique imperfections.
  • Imagining A $5 Million Super Bowl Social Buy
    Is it really worthwhile for marketers to plow $5 million into 30-second Super Bowl spots aimed at a mass market dissolving into its individual parts?
  • A Dose Of Science Mixed With Art
    Dose is taking what it has learned about predictive, data-driven tech to marketers so that they, too, can quickly give social content its best shot at going viral.
  • The Gen Z Out-Of-House Social Experience
    The retail shop is the hub of the brand experience for Gen Z. But how that experience is shared across social channels becomes vital to propagating a brand's success.
  • A Eulogy For Vine
    It is ironically fitting that just before the Waterford ball dropped in Times Square to usher in 2016, NBC broadcast a Vine parodying "Bye, Felicia," one of the more pervasive Internet memes of the day.
  • The 1% Are No Different When It Comes To Social
    Will Facebook Live and influencer marketing work with the 1%? Rowan Kelshaw, managing director of The Luxury Network LA, says yes.
  • What We'll Be Talking About In 2017
    Sources from different social-media arenas give us their takes on what will shape the coming year.
  • Trending Social Developments And Issues
    Social media's impact seems to be on the verge of another dimension. Here's a look at a few of the major trends we saw emerging in 2016.
  • Trending Brands In The World's Biggest Focus Group
    Social media research firm Fizziology reveals five brands demonstrating increased online engagement over their competitors -- and which should be ringing up sales big-time in 2017.
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