Social Media Is Not Really About Media At All

I think it's very possible that we have this whole social media thing wrong. We, as an industry, spend oodles of time focusing on social media and trying to unearth the special ways to "crack the code" of motivating consumers. The fact is that social media is just media, plain and simple. The real issue lies not within the media, but within the creative -- so maybe we should be referring to the wave of interest as "social creative" rather than "social media." ...More

  • With the Open Graph, Facebook Becomes the Entire Web's Friend

    I never thought I'd say such a thing, but Mark Zuckerberg just rocked my world. And, whether you know it or not, he just rocked your world, too. I just finished watching the keynote at Facebook's F8 Developer Conference -- from the comfort of my dining room table -- and it became pretty clear that the Web as we once knew it is about to change dramatically, from a place where much of the experience is disjointed and almost completely determined by those who publish content, to being much more about how the content connects people -- and how people ...More