The Joy Of Live-Tweeting

At a time when there are more televisions than people in the United States, one of the loneliest things you can do is watch TV. There was a time, long ago and far away, when the entire family would gather around the communal television to tune in "The Beverly Hillbillies." But now, with TV sets in almost every room, people today generally watch TV alone. There is, however, an antidote to the feelings of anomie that sometimes arise from the solitary TV experience: live-tweeting. This is the practice of using Twitter to comment on events in real time while simultaneously ...More

  • No Social Buzz, But Super Bowl Ad Online Video Views More Than Triples

    The plot thickens. Last week I wrote about how social buzz for Super Bowl ads plummeted - and I mean the skydiving, body-slamming kind - mere minutes after most ads aired. But yet, many of us still went online and watched the ads. What gives? Are Super Bowl ads being seen - both on TV and online - but just not being talked about? ...More

  • Socially Recommended Online Video Ads Increase Performance

    The explosion of social networking has opened up a massive opportunity for advertisers to open a dialogue with their audiences, says the report, particularly via video campaigns that make brand ambassadors of opinion leaders in social spaces. Social video advertising has grown rapidly, more than doubling in size every year since 2009, and direct engagement metrics are strong. Unruly has delivered over 1.34 billion social video views, with an average 1.95% of viewers clicking through for more information, and 0.94% sharing the video. ...More

  • 5 Ways Pharma Can Mitigate Compliance Risks When Using Social Media

    We are all familiar with the old saying, "the best offense is a good defense." When it comes to highly regulated industries such as pharma getting involved with social media, having a well-prepared defensive plan in place at the outset is critical to risk management. With the recent publishing of the FDA draft guidelines addressing unsolicited requests for off-label information about prescription drugs and medical devices, pharmaceutical companies are in an excellent position to expand their social media programs into engagement. Still, with the draft nature of the guidelines, risk management is critical. ...More

  • Social Increasingly Driving Web Site Traffic -- But So Is Quality

    About a year ago, the content mill Demand Media was conducting its IPO. Many critics of its approach to generating content -- which was based on gaming Google's search algorithm to gain top spots in search results pages to drive clicks to its often less-than-authoritative content -- were demanding that the search engines change their ranking criteria. Google complied, and Demand Media and its brethren experienced noticeable drops in search ranking, and in traffic. ...More