Does Social Content Make Good Email Copy?

I've written before about how email and social media are similar, in that they are both permission-based channels (or earned media) that require a similar approach to content strategy. But are email and social media similar enough to share not just a content strategy, but actual content? An increasing number of marketers have remarked to me that it would be nice if emails could automatically pull content off the brands' Facebook timelines or Twitter feeds, and auto-generate emails. It's a question worth pondering. ...More

  • 10 Ways Facebook Has Changed Since 2004

    Facebook has earned a few degrees since it launched as Thefacebook in 2004. A Facebook media kit from the spring of 2004 recently surfaced, and it offers a glimpse as to how much has changed since then. Here are 10 quotes from the media kit that illustrate what has changed with Facebook, media, and online advertising. ...More