The Psychology of Sharing

Social media dictates behavior, according to Andy Betts. He provides three examples for reasons to share but also reasons not to share. Fear, privacy and strategic goals may prevent people from sharing personal information in the future. Many will begin to think and act strategically about their use of social networks and social connections. Betts analyzes Twitter, Facebook and other social sites to determine how social media platforms impact consumer behavior. ...More

  • Siri Meets Max Headroom Meets Carson: Winston Narrates Your World

    Winston uses semantic analysis, multimedia, social media and voice synthesis to create a wholly different media consumption experience. 'Hal, check my Twitter feed.' ...More

  • Everyone's Dunking The Wrong Oreo

    OK, that's it. I'm tired of hearing people talk about Oreo's Super Bowl tweet. Not because Oreo's response wasn't great. It was. But people are talking about the wrong things. Yes, kudos to the company's team for responding quickly and for writing engaging copy. After all, they created a graphic and had it posted in less than 15 minutes after the power outage. The question we aren't asking: Who actually made the tweet successful? ...More