Friday, February 15, 2013

      Around The Net

      • YouTube Sues Russian Regulator Over Video BanComputer Business Review

        YouTube was banned due to a video that showed how to commit suicide. YouTube has filed an appeal in a Moscow court against the Russian regulator, Roscomnadzor, for blocking its content in the country. The Russian watchdog reportedly blacklisted the site based upon a video, entitled "video lesson on how to cut your veins," which Roscomnadzor claims how to commit suicide. ...Read the whole story

      • 'Photos Of Bulger's Killer' Now Off TwitterThe Guardian

        Photographs that appear to identify one of the grown-up killers of James Bulger have been removed from the internet after the attorney general,Dominic Grieve, launched an investigation. The pictures purported to show Jon Venables, now 30, who was given a new identity following his initial release from prison. Venables and his classmate Robert Thompson abducted and murdered two-year-old James in Liverpool 20 years ago this week. A court order bans publication of any information that could lead to revelation of their new identities. ...Read the whole story

      • Execs More Convinced of Social as Strategic Priority Than as Revenue DriverMarketing Charts

        A new study by Nectar Online Media finds that 94% of executives surveyed believe social media is important to the organization and 92% believe it enhances their brands, only 46% believe it drives revenue for the company.  ...Read the whole story

      The Psychology of Sharing

      Social media dictates behavior, according to Andy Betts. He provides three examples for reasons to share but also reasons not to share. Fear, privacy and strategic goals may prevent people from sharing personal information in the ...More

      • Siri Meets Max Headroom Meets Carson: Winston Narrates Your World

        Winston uses semantic analysis, multimedia, social media and voice synthesis to create a wholly different media consumption experience. 'Hal, check my Twitter feed.' ...More

      • Everyone's Dunking The Wrong Oreo

        OK, that's it. I'm tired of hearing people talk about Oreo's Super Bowl tweet. Not because Oreo's response wasn't great. It was. But people are talking about the wrong things. Yes, kudos to the company's team ...More