• Nielsen Delays Plan To Add Duplicate Viewing To 'Currency,' Extended Screen Ratings Remain On Schedule

    Nielsen Thursday said it is delaying a plan to add duplicate viewing of TV shows to its national TV "currency" ratings two months until April 1. Nielsen said it would move forward with its original plan to add the duplicate viewing data to its "respondent-level data," which are the building blocks of its national TV ratings, as originally planned beginning Jan. 31, but said it needed additional time to make the adjustments necessary to the "currency" systems and reports that advertisers and agencies use to buy national TV time from networks. ...Read the whole story

  • Digital Reach: Cox Media Acquires Internet Broadcasting Sales Group

    Cox Media Group, the big TV station sales rep, is further expanding its digital sales efforts. Just after announcing the merger between digital sales group Adify and Cox Cross Media to create Cox Digital Solutions earlier this week, the new group has acquired Internet Broadcasting's sales group, IB Local Network. ...Read the whole story

  • Court Chucks Sunbeam's Antitrust Case Against Nielsen

    A Florida federal judge has found that Nielsen did not violate antitrust laws while operating its local ratings system in the Miami market. The ruling, which defeats Sunbeam TV's charges, saves Nielsen from a trial on the matter and maybe a huge financial penalty -- at least for now. ...Read the whole story

  • Spring Fling: CBS Face-Off With 'Idol'

    Pasadena, Calif. -- CBS has had its way this past fall -- leading all networks in total viewers and key 18-49 viewers. But all that will probably change drastically starting in a few days. The return of Fox's "American Idol" should realign the stars in the prime-time lineup. ...Read the whole story

  • Name Game: Discovery Merges Fit, Health Nets

    In another bit of cable network rebranding, the remains of Discovery Health Channel and Discovery's FitTV will now merge into Discovery Fit & Health. The network will now be available in some 50 million homes -- which is the current home of FitTV. ...Read the whole story

  • Bravo, Oxygen Promote Spring Star Slate

    The number of music competition shows keeps growing. But will the hits keep on coming? Bravo and sister network Oxygen are betting there is room for at least two more, and turning to established hits to give their new ventures credibility. ...Read the whole story

  • New Campaign Touts Inner Strength Of Lexus

    In the launch spot titled, "Chain," a crane slowly suspends a Lexus LS in the air from the forward portion of the vehicle's chassis. Then a second, third, fourth and fifth Lexus vehicle is attached to that LS, using only cables and stretch bars and no support other than that car. ...Read the whole story

  • NFL Scores Big Prime-Time Numbers

    Though many prime-time TV shows may be losing steam, rating-wise, the NFL keeps chugging along -- up 7% in total viewers this season. The NFL also touts its big advantage over all prime-time programming -- some 144% higher on average in total viewers. ...Read the whole story

  • TV Behavioral Targeting Platform Simulmedia Taps Artificial Intelligence Developer

    Simulmedia, the "targeted advertising television company" founded by online behavioral targeting pioneer Dave Morgan, has named Jack Smith Chief Product Officer, reporting to Alison Lowery, Simulmedia's CTO. ...Read the whole story

  • Fox Business Net, Tennis Serve Double Play

    Fox Business Network and the Tennis Channel will continue a joint promotional initiative through 2011, involving the four leading pro tennis events. The arrangement begins this week with the Australian Open. ...Read the whole story

  • Timberland Finds Itself, With Earthkeepers

    Timberland's riches to rags to (maybe) riches story is about how the benighted outdoors brand let itself become defined by popular culture as a hip-hop shoe, then suffered when hip hop moved elsewhere. And the tale follows the brand out of the woods back to its original idea by engaging with people in new ways with traditional and social media. ...Read the whole story

  • Sovereign Bank Spot Uses Puzzle As Metaphor

    The ad, developed by the bank's in-house advertising agency 601, and produced in association with Shooters, Inc. (and its DIVE visual effects division), depicts a wall made entirely of puzzle pieces. Throughout the commercial, actors push, pull, raise and change the size of missing puzzle pieces, illustrating how the company can help customize personal banking needs. ...Read the whole story

  • A&E 'Scares' Ratings Into All-Time High

    A&E said its new documentary-like series about youthful offender programs set a record Thursday as the most-watched original series premiere in network history. "Beyond Scared Straight" drew 2.2 million adults 18 to 49 and 3.7 million total viewers. ...Read the whole story

  • 42Below Vodka Sponsors New VBS.TV Web Series

    42Below has prominent logo adjacencies on the new series' Web area (vbs.tv/leagueoftwo), and each webisode begins with "42Below presents...". In addition, its "vodka professors" have created a special drink to be promoted in conjunction with the series sponsorship, called "The Duo" (42Below, Martini Bianco and a lemon twist). ...Read the whole story

  • 'Off the Map' Debuts To Off Ratings

    Although it comes courtesy of the highly touted producer of "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice," ABC's "Off The Map" did not enjoy an auspicious start. President Obama delivered a speech addressing the shootings in Tucson, which altered the prime time schedule. ...Read the whole story

  • Golden Globes Saw Ratings Stars

    "The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards" continued to deliver strong award season TV viewership to NBC. But a big NFL playoff game gave a mid-January Sunday win to CBS. ...Read the whole story

  • Wertlieb Tapped As EVP For Hearst Stations

    In a move that may position him as the successor to long-time CEO David Barrett, Hearst Television has tapped the head of WBAL in Baltimore for a top corporate post. Jordan Wertlieb becomes the only executive vice president for the station group. ...Read the whole story

  • 42Below Vodka Drinks To Vice TV

    Bacardi Limited's 42Below vodka is the exclusive sponsor of the latest Web series on VBS.TV, the online television network of Vice, a media company that includes Vice Magazine and other properties. The seven-webisode series, "League of Two," profiles innovative "dynamic duos" working in the arts. ...Read the whole story

  • Stern Upped To President, Syfy Original Programming

    The creative force behind "Battlestar Galactica" and "Stargate: Atlantis" has been named president, original programming, Syfy. Mark Stern, currently EVP at the network, also serves as co-head, original content, Universal Cable Productions. Stern will add creative oversight for Syfy Films, a joint venture with Universal Pictures, to his roster. ...Read the whole story

ESPN Could Be Digital Sports Nirvana

ESPN, one of television's most powerful brands, has everything it takes to be an interactive powerhouse -- from engaged fans tethered to their mobile devices and videogame consoles to live events that are a magnate for consumers and marketers. ...More

  • Word-A-Week: What Are Set-Top Boxes?

    They say that nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. In TV advertising and media research circles, that idea is the use of set-top box data. STB data is being developed and standardized for use as a research tool and also as the foundation for advanced advertising. But if an idea cannot be communicated, how can it be accepted and embraced? This is why the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) developed a single-source Set-Top Box Data Lexicon, a reference guide that creates a common language of terms and definitions for participants in the set-top box ...More

  • Google TV Notes on Week Three: Web TV Should Be TV

    For several weeks in my house we have been a bit flumoxed about what to call the Logitech Revue controller we have to pass around the living room. "Here's the rem..." my partner usually begins, only to stop herself in mid-sentence as she realizes this QWERTY slab surely can't qualify as a "remote." Seems like a small thing, but relying on a keyboard to go anywhere on your TV does prove cumbersome over time. As she passes it, her finger will hit some control button and send us into a Google TV zone we haven't seen before. And frankly, I ...More

  • Manners Update: Why Booing Is Good For TV

    Let out a good "boo." TV critics do it all the time -- sometimes in their writing, other times in a big room when asking TV performers questions. ...More

  • The Real Future Of Television Is The Present

    Last week, I wrote a "review" of all the magical things that "happened" in 2011 in the media world. It was an exercise in satirical absurdism. Chances are, "Celebrity Pottery Wheel" will not be the tipping point for 3D TV. The actual changes for 2011 are likely to be much more ludicrous. ...More

  • How Media Multitasking Fuels 'Brand Response' Advertising

    Nielsen tells us that some 60% of television viewers watch the tube and surf the Internet simultaneously at least once a month. To some observers, this suggests nothing more than a restless consumer brain and a divided attention span. But sophisticated marketers recognize that multitasking is enabling -- even requiring -- a powerful variation on direct response television (DRTV) called "brand response" advertising. There isn't widespread industry understanding of the utility of brand response, and the reason is simple: not all brand agencies comprehend direct response, and not all direct shops comprehend branding. ...More

  • TV Producers Driven To Find New Revenue: Marketers' Dollars?

    Sounds like a great TV story -- one that encompasses a TV producer, kickbacks, and advertising dollars. A longtime former publicity executive of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association -- the group that owns the rights to the Golden Globes Awards -- now claims in a lawsuit that the head of the group, Philip Berk, demanded "commission" from a TV advertising buy NBC got from Chrysler ...More

  • Nielsen IPO: A Must-See For Those In TV

    Nielsen is gearing up to IPO, and I am on the edge of my seat. The media-measurement category is red hot. Arbitron (radio ratings) is trading at a three-year high; so is comScore (Internet ratings). The upstart Rentrak (video store and VOD ratings) is at a five-year high, and the creation of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) invites forward-looking innovation. Nielsen is a critically important company in the media world: the bellwether for the industry and as close as you get to a one-stop shop for TV's $70 billion in media planning, buying and validation. And if Facebook ...More

  • Who We Were Through The Lens Of TV Commercials

    When people talk about the Sixties from a pop-cultural perspective, they generally point to such influences as the Beatles/Rolling Stones (which, for some reason, has become a rivalry akin to the Yankees/Red Sox), Twiggy and Andy Warhol. Or, in certain decidedly diametric quarters, explorers such as John Glenn or Timothy Leary. ...More

  • Argh! Jim-Lad! All Your TV Shows Are Just Landlubbers!

    "There's like a pirate ship feeling to this show." Conan O'Brien says his TBS show isn't at all "The Tonight Show" -- but more like a program on the high seas, looking for treasure. Maybe that's what more TV shows should feel like. ...More