Ad-dependent TV Under Fire

Advertising-dependent television may have dodged one bullet this year only to be crippled later by an intensifying barrage of economic and tech threats, that will alter its fragile status quo. Online and mobile will siphon off ad revs from trad media. ...More

  • Fox Finds New Way To Outfox Regional TV Sports Competitors

    Influencing friends and business partners -- that's what it comes down to in modern TV dealing Fox's regional sports cable TV operation loaned some $30 million to Frank McCourt so his Los Angeles Dodgers could make payroll. But if not Fox, it would have been Time Warner Cable. That's one way to influence things. ...More

  • Cable Networks Could Lead The Upfront -- But Still Be Behind

    What would be the psychological effects of cable's upfront ad revenues matching -- or exceeding -- the broadcast networks, as more than a few analysts predict? Short term? A small cheer. Long term? Cable still has a long way to go in other areas. ...More

  • Set-Top-Box Lexicon: The PVR And DVR

    Once called Personal Video Recorders, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) enable viewers to pre-record programs and view them at their convenience in trick play modes. DVRs are also touted as one of the major forms of commercial avoidance, which has in turn led to numerous research studies that try to understand the impact of DVR usage. ...More

  • Show Nurturing Is No Longer The Nature Of TV Business As Survival Or Demise Comes Quickly

    The business of television nurturing still seems to be looking for a new formula. Take second-year NBC show "Parenthood." It just had its season finale, posting a decent 2.5 rating among 18-49ers, up from its 2.1 rating the week before. At Mediapost's Outfront event recently, Bill Carroll, VP and director of programming for Katz Television Group, noted how NBC was slowly nurturing the 10 p.m. show. The trouble is that less of this nurturing goes on today. ...More