Friday, May 4, 2012

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    • Amazon Will Make TV ShowsAll Things D

      Amazon is soliciting scripts for new sitcoms and kids' Web video -- shows it intends to actually make and distribute, unlike with its movie effort, according to Peter Kakfa. The caveat: shows "should look and feel like 'real” TV shows, with commensurate production budgets." Thus, "the big news is that Amazon is formally declaring that it’s in the original video business — just like Google, Hulu, Netflix, Yahoo and lots of other tech guys," writes Kafka. ...Read the whole story

    • FCC: Comcast Must Put Bloomberg TV With News ChannelsBloomberg
    • The Boom In Live TVTV Guide
    Programming Doesn't Come Cheap, But Internet Talent Might

    Ask yourself the obvious question about original programming on digital platforms: How can the likes of Hulu, YouTube, AOL or Yahoo pay for topflight programming, stuff consumers are used to seeing on traditional TV? Answer: Right ...More