• The Queen Is Hiring A Social Media Manager
    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has decided the monarchy could use a little help on social media, it seems.
  • Social Media Causes More Fights Than Gangs (In One District)
    Personal conflict originating on social media causes more fights than gang violence in schools in Montgomery County, Maryland, according to a report by WTOP, a local news service.
  • Americans Get News From Social Media, But Don't Trust It
    Just over half of Americans (51%) say they get news from social media. Facebook is the most popular source, cited by 87% of social media news consumers.
  • RebelMouse Bows Rebel Discovery
    Publishing platform RebelMouse launched a full suite of tools for publishers and brands ranging across social media publishing, distribution, and promotion. The new product, called Rebel Discovery, works with any CMS and a variety of social networks, allowing publishers and brand marketers to target and expand their audiences through a combination of organic reach, partnerships, and and paid placements.
  • Social Media Stressing Teens, Parents Say
    Parents worry that social media is contributing to elevated levels of stress in their young teenage children, according to a new survey by WebMD.
  • Snapchat Passes Instagram As Most Popular Social Net Among Teens
    Instagram is facing competition from Snapchat, the new favorite among teens, according to a new survey from Piper Jaffray.
  • Facebook Brings RebelMouse To Instant Articles
    Among the new products and features unveiled at Facebook's F8 conference, the social network bowed new initiatives intended to make it even easier for publishers to distribute content on its platform.
  • Lady Gaga's Social Media Startup Folds
    Backplane, the niche social network launched by Lady Gaga in 2011, has ran out of cash and sold off its assets to investors who will try to revive the business.
  • Schumer Proposes Reward For Social Media Terror Tips
    U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer is proposing legislation that would establish a minimum reward of $25,000 for any social media tip that helps foil a terror attack.
  • Job Seekers Use Social Profiles To Apply
    Social media can take a lot of the tedious work out of applying for jobs, allowing jobseekers to apply for more positions with less effort.
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