• NFL Cracks Down On Illicit Social Video
    With its first significant decline in TV ratings in recent memory, the National Football League responded with a ban of unauthorized sharing of video on social media by teams and players.
  • Most Domestic Terrorists Recruited On Social Media
    The majority of terrorists who have staged or attempted attacks in the U.S. in recent years were converted to violent Islamist extremism via social media.
  • Salesforce Prepares Twitter Bid
    Twitter will begin reviewing bids from potential buyers as early as this week, and as expected Salesforce will be in the front ranks of bidders.
  • Kardashian Thieves Saw Jewels On Social Media
    According to Paris police, the assailants who robbed Kardashian targeted her after seeing the jewels on social media.
  • Facebook Bows Messenger Lite
    Facebook has introduced a streamlined version of the Messenger app, called "Messenger Lite," complementing its Facebook Lite service.
  • Two-Thirds Of Employees Use Social Media At Work
    67% of American workers said they regularly use social media on the job, according to a new survey conducted by Bambu.
  • Social Net For Tweens, 'Jet.me,' Launches
    Jet.me is solely for children under the age of 13, and features multiple security measures in order to comply with all the provisions of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.
  • Three Out Of Four Consumers Watch Brand Videos On Facebook
    Worldwide, 75% of respondents of a Kantar/TNS global survey watch videos from brands on Facebook, while 79% of respondents said they read brand posts on the social network.
  • Disney May Bid For Twitter, Too
    The Mouse is throwing his hat in the ring. Walt Disney Co., may decide to bid for Twitter, too.
  • Social Media In Turmoil
    The most troubling news comes from Facebook, which admitted recently that it had exaggerated online video viewing by its users by a substantial margin.
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