• UK Regulator Warns Influencers On Social Media Ads
    The FTC's British counterpart is cracking down on advertisers and influencers who endorse products on social media without disclosing that they are in fact paid promotions.
  • No, Twitter Is Not Shutting Down
    The #SaveTwitter movement is above all testimony to the stupidity of a large number of people, its wide currency is also a sad indication of how intractable the problem of bullying appears to be.
  • Social Media Is Now Universal (Among Young Brits, Anyway)
    Social media is effectively universal among teens and young adults, at least in Britain.
  • Heavy Social Media Use Correlated With Lower Math, Reading, Science Skills
    Hours spent scrolling social media may be hurting teenagers' skills in math, reading, and science, while video games are actually associated with higher ability levels.
  • FTC Tightens Disclosure Rules For Influencers
    The Federal Trade Commission hopes to tighten rules for marketers working with social media influencers when it comes to disclosures to consumers that they are seeing paid content.
  • Millennial Women Will Follow Olympics on Social Media (And TV)
    While TV still rules the roost, social media is a close second in millennial women's preferences for Olympics-related content, according to data from Influenster.
  • Church Of England Issues Social Media Recs
    This week the Church of England released social media recommendations to help local parishes incorporate the new platforms in their outreach efforts.
  • Police Block Facebook During Fatal Standoff
    On Monday, police made a request to Facebook to suspend the account of Korryn Gaines, age 23, during an armed standoff which ultimately resulted in her death.
  • Social Platforms Key To Video Success
    Big social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter play a bigger role in the success of online video advertising campaigns than platforms like YouTube or Vevo.
  • IBM Battles Zika With Social Data
    IBM is putting the power of big data at the disposal of Brazilian officials and non-profit organizations as they work to combat the Zika virus.
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