• More Americans Turns to Social Media for News -- Sort Of?
    Growing numbers of Americans are getting news from social media, but most of them don't think social media is a valuable source of news, according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center, which surveyed 2,035 U.S. adults in March.
  • Crimson Hexagon Partners with Tumblr
    Social media analytics company Crimson Hexagon has been named a preferred analytics partner for Tumblr, giving it access to data reflecting all public activity on Tumblr in real time, the company announced Tuesday morning. The partnership will enable Crimson Hexagon provide brands and agencies with insights about Tumblr including popular topics, sentiment, and brand mentions.
  • Gamee, Social Net for Casual Gamers, Shuns In-App Purchases
    Casual gamers around the world have a new option for finding and sharing free ways to waste time, thanks to a new social network devoted to casual games, called Gamee. The Czech startup, which received an investment from the founders of Socialbakers, is unusual in that it is squarely against casual games that rely on in-app purchases to monetize game play.
  • TickerTags Crowdsources Investment News
    Investment decisions are (supposedly) guided by information -- but also conjecture, speculation, rumor, and hearsay, not to mention plain ol' lies. Business news and data providers like Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal do their best to feed investors' insatiable desire for information, but no news organization could possibly cover the entire universe of relevant content. For example, back in 2011, who guessed that floods in Thailand would reduce world industrial production by 2.5%?
  • Meerkat Snuggles Up to Facebook
    Meerkat, the adorably named group streaming video app unceremoniously given the boot by Twitter during this year's SXSW conference, is moving on and finding a new home. According to a post by Meerkat developers on Medium, the app has found as new social media partner, as users can now sign up for the app through Facebook.
  • Facebook Lets You Float Videos
    People with short attention spans everywhere, rejoice! Facebook is tweaking the interface for videos displayed in its newsfeed, allowing users to float videos from the newsfeed so they can continue watching them while scrolling through other content. The new feature could boost engagement with video content as well as the auto-play video ads that appear in the newsfeed.
  • Microsoft Bows Tossup, Social Polling App
    There are few things as annoying as getting caught up in a group conversation conducted via text message (or email), where everyone is responding to the message sent three or four texts ago, resulting in a repetitive, disjointed, and contradictory morass. That's ten times as true if you are, god forbid, trying to make plans to do something together.
  • PostBeyond Helps Employees Engage Online (Safely)
    Social media has presented a huge dilemma for companies and brands, torn between the desire to engage consumers and the fear of a public relations catastrophe resulting from an ill-advised post. Inviting your employees to post to social media sounds good in theory, but frankly some might not be the sharpest tacks in the drawer, and the simple fact is everyone makes mistakes.
  • Facebook Introduces Ads in Suggested Videos
    Facebook is building a video empire but many publishers have been wondering how exactly they're going to monetize their product, putting the world's largest social network at a disadvantage relative to Google's YouTube. According to Variety Facebook is moving to even up the playing field with a new advertising offering as part of "suggested videos," in the form of ads that appear in a gallery of video content.
  • Shazam Lets Fans Hear What Stars Are Listening To
    One question I think most people have about their favorite musicians is: what do they listen to when they're not making music themselves? Well, now we can find out courtesy of Shazam, which is introducing a new feature that allows fans to follow their favorite musicians and find out what music they're discovering through Shazam's audio recognition technology.
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