Turks Vote For Less Democracy
A war is being waged against social media by governments around the world, but there's a surprising twist -- they're supposedly democracies, and the campaigns against social networks are apparently being waged with the consent or even support of their citizens. The Turkish electorate effectively endorsed prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's crackdown on social media, including blackouts imposed on Twitter and YouTube.» 0 Comments
Facebook "Likes" BART
Close on the heels of multibillion-dollar deals to acquire WhatsApp and Oculus and rumors that it may buy drone maker Titan Aerospace, Facebook announced a new long-term strategic alliance with the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, better known as BART.» 3 Comments
Cincinnati Reds Unveil Social Media Zone
Like hot dogs and beer in the stands, sports and social media just seem to go together, and many professional sports teams are creating special areas in stadiums for fans who are also social media maniacs. The list now includes the Cincinnati Reds, who unveiled a social media hub at the Great American Ballpark in downtown Cincinnati.» 0 Comments
Study Identifies "Cyberasocials," Social Media Skeptics
A significant subset of social media users are uncomfortable making new social connections online and view online socializing as less "real" than face-to-face interactions.» 0 Comments
Oculus Backers Upset By Sale To Facebook
While many people were scratching their heads and asking "What's Oculus?" following the virtual reality gaming company's acquisition by Facebook earlier this week, a smaller group was asking "WTF Oculus?" Many of the people who backed Oculus on Kickstarter are not at all pleased with the decision to sell to Facebook, which they consider a case of "selling out."» 1 Comments
Instagram Tops With Teen Fashionistas
Fashion is all about getting "the look," so it's no surprise that young fashionistas favor image- and video-focused social networks, including Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube when it comes to pursuing their fashion passion.» 0 Comments
Facebook Turns The Screws On Organic Reach
If it seems like your Facebook posts aren't reaching as many people as they used to, you're not alone. Posts to brand Pages will reach far fewer fans, forcing marketers to -- you guessed it -- make greater use of paid advertising.» 4 Comments
Raising Testicular Cancer Awareness With... Well, Just Read This
I am in no way averse to ribaldry, but even I am too demur to put the words "Sock on a Cock" in the headline of a blog post. That particular conjunction of footwear and gonads is the central idea behind a spontaneous social media campaign that started in the U.K.» 1 Comments
Breaking Bad: Turkey Bans Twitter
Turkey, for years one of the few functioning democracies in the Middle East, is breaking bad. This week, prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoan made good on his recent promise to ban Twitter, which he accused of circulating "lies" and "slander" - damaging recordings of phone conversations showing his involvement in official corruption - during recent protests against his government.» 0 Comments
Social Media Driving Demand For Plastic Surgery
One out of every three people (33%) seeking facial plastic surgery in 2013 was prompted by a desire to look better for social media. In addition, 13% of plastic surgeons surveyed specifically identified photo-sharing apps and Web sites as fueling increased demand.» 1 Comments
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