• Can Social Media Help the NYPD Fix Its Tarnished Image?
    Long held up as a model for big city law enforcement in the U.S. and abroad, this week the New York City Police Department finds itself making headlines around the world for the wrong reason -- the controversy surrounding the decision of a grand jury not to indict the police officer who killed an African-American man, Eric Garner, after placing him in a chokehold last summer.
  • Sephora Fail-Wins with '#C*ntdown to Beauty'
    OK, I readily admit this is completely juvenile, and I'm sure someone will complain that I really shouldn't dignify it by writing about it. But "dignity" has never been our watchword here at the Social Graf, and it's just too funny to ignore, darn it. And there just may be a social media marketing lesson here: If you really want your campaign to go viral, maybe you should try including shocking profanity?
  • Luxury Hotel Offers Free Stays to Social Media Stars
    All that time you thought was wasted on social media may actually pay off. If you're super-popular on Facebook or Instagram you can stay at a luxury hotel for free, courtesy of the new "Social Network as Currency" promotion from the Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Yes, Google+ Is a Failure
    Whatever Google and its acolytes may claim, the simple fact is that Google+ has failed. Don't take my word for it: that's the judgment of a former Google developer and designer specializing in user interface, Chris Messina, whose lengthy critique of Google+ and its management went viral over the weekend. My super-reductive summary of Messina's argument: Google+ set out to be a rival to Facebook, and measured by this lofty ambition, was pretty much a face plant.
  • Black Friday E-Commerce Soars, But Social's Contribution Remains Small
    As expected, e-commerce sales on Black Friday soared as more holiday shoppers turned to the Web for gifts and personal indulgence, according to the E-Commerce Pulse survey from Custora, which tracked over 100 big U.S. retailers and 100 million online shoppers during the famed shopping day. However social media continues to contribute just a small portion of total e-commerce sales, lagging far behind channels like email and search.
  • Twitter Considers Taking Shots
    Twitter is currently in negotiations to buy Shots, a social network that consists entirely of selfies, which was backed, appropriately enough, by noted narcissist Justin Bieber. According to MSNBC, the potential deal was the subject of Twitter chief financial officer's embarrassing public tweet advocating the acquisition of another company (which highlighted some of Twitter's user interface shortcomings).
  • Americans Don't Trust Social Media Companies with Personal Data
    While a large number of Americans are okay with sharing at least some personal information with businesses in return for better service, that doesn't include social media companies, who have the distinction of being viewed as more untrustworthy than any other business category. That's according to a new survey of 2,037 U.S. adults carried out by the Harris Poll for Transera, which specializes in data analytics for customer engagement programs.
  • Walmart Leads Social Engagement for Black Friday
    Chalk up another win for Walmart. The world's biggest retailer also has the biggest social media presence as measured by consumer engagement heading into Black Friday, according to the latest figures from the Digital Engagement Index, a new MediaPost feature powered by ListenFirst, which tracks daily increases and decreases in engagement across major social platforms for top brands (as compiled by Redbooks 500).
  • Social Media Marketers Frustrated With ROI, Lack Of Buy-In
    A decade into the social media era, the question of return on investment remains largely unanswered. At least that's the message I get from the most recent "Social Business Benchmark" survey conducted by Harris Poll for Hootsuite, which found that social media marketers are still struggling with their inability to produce meaningful metrics for social campaigns, as well as institutional inertia and lack of understanding in the organizations they support.
  • Twitter Makes All Tweets Searchable
    Twitter has opened up its archives so users can now search every tweet ever made, giving them access to the more than half a trillion (yes, that's trillion with a "tr") tweets made since Twitter launched in 2006. Previously, Twitter limited search results to recent activity, focusing on high-engagement subjects, although some third-party services archived tweets in searchable format. Among other benefits, the new search functionality allows users to recover their own entire tweet histories or those of other users, as well as full conversations surrounding particular topics over time.
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